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Google Announces Latest Improvements to its Ads Data Hub

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Last week, Google announced several improvements to the company’s Ads Data Hub solution.

According to Ads Data Hub Senior Product Manager Prema Sampath, the updates aim to expedite data analysis for advertisers. In a post, Ms. Sampath wrote:

“We’re providing an update on improvements to Ads Data Hub that help you analyze data more quickly and easily, better understand the way that people interact with your ads, and use insights from your data to reach the right customers. With these updates, you can tailor your measurement to your unique business needs, understand how your marketing is performing, and drive the greatest business impact.”

Below’s a quick summary of Ads Data Hub’s latest updates.

Ads Data Hub’s Quick and Easy Data Analysis

A self-service account linking for Google Ads, Campaign Manager, and Display & Video 360 will be added to Ads Data Hub soon. This will allow advertisers to access their ad campaign data across multiple products efficiently and in a more secure environment.

The update will enable the creation of multi-tier account structures for more data configuration flexibility within Ads Data Hub. It will also help address unique account hierarchies and user access requirements.

Google also wants to expedite data and query development by making the Sandbox testing environment available to all customers. The environment comes with a test dataset that advertisers can use to experiment with their test data and query.

Also, Google launched a new query library for Ads Data Hub users. The said library contains templates of the most common types of analysis run on the said platform.

Customers will get free access to these templates, and they can also suggest new ones via the in-product feedback form.

Ads Data Hub’s Consumer Journey Paths

Google also introduced consumer journey paths to help advertisers get consumer journey data faster.

Consumer journey paths is a set of pre-processed data that combines impression, click, and conversion events automatically. That’s if the three events are all part of a single journey.

Aside from getting valuable consumer journey insights faster, the upgrade also aims to provide higher quality output to users. This improvement is available to all customers with Campaign Manager- and Display & Video 360-enabled accounts.

Ms. Sampath added:

“In the coming months, we’re enabling more measurement use cases by adding advanced Active View metrics for YouTube—including viewability and audibility metrics—that allow you to uncover deep insights into creative performance and user attention.”

Customized Audience List Creation

Last but not least, Google is now working on a feature that would allow advertisers to create audience lists based on data from Google Ads, Campaign Manager, and Display & Video 360. This will give Ads Data Hub users visibility on who sees their display ads in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

For instance, you can create an audience list for customers who purchased your product. Then, you can use that list as an exclusion list to avoid showing your Google and Display & Video 360 ads to them.

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