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Google Rolls Out Combined Audience Targeting



A couple of days ago, Google quietly rolled out combined audience targeting for search campaigns.

Although the search engine company has not formally announced the feature, advertisers are starting to notice it in their Google Ads account. Reports revealed that digital marketing consultant, Steve Johns, saw the targeting option and shared it on Twitter.

Before we explore how the new method works, let’s begin with a question.

What is Combined Audience Targeting?

It’s a targeting option that allows advertisers to combine various audience attributes for creating personas. This provides a picture of a segment of their target audience.

For example, advertisers can create personas based on attributes like the user’s background, needs, goals, demographics, affinities, etc. Not only will this save time, but it’ll also enable advertisers to target the right customers at the right time.

How Does Combined Audience Targeting Work?

The combined audience uses three primary directives to target audiences. These are “AND,” “OR,” and “NOT.”

In the past, advertisers could use the “OR” directive to target multiple audiences for a campaign. Likewise, they could also use the “NOT” directive to exclude the audience.

However, the “AND” directive may be the big game-changer that’ll make this tool even more useful. For the first time, advertisers can now specify if users see an advertisement in two or more specific audiences.

In search campaigns, you can layer the targeting with campaign keywords. That way, ads for the campaign will only appear to users who met the combined audience criteria and searched for the specific campaign keywords.

Recently, Google seems to be focusing a lot on audience targeting for search campaigns.

Last month, the search engine company introduced the affinity audience feature for creating personalized ads for a specific audience. Marketers also got the in-market seasonal event segments ahead of events like Black Friday and Christmas.

The new capability increases the precision of targeting on Google search campaign more than ever before. What’s more, it’ll give advertisers the room to experiment with broader keyword targetting, messaging, as well as bidding.

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