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Google Expands Questions Hub Feature to the United States

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Google is currently testing the Questions Hub feature in several countries, including the United States.

It began as a simple alert panel. Now, Google SERP has evolved into one of the most prolific sources of information about coronavirus.

At the moment, Google presents an absurd amount of data about the pandemic. From disease symptoms to the cases in your location (including the world at large), the search engine is focusing on access to direct information.

But it’s not enough.

COVID-19 is relatively new. As such, reliable content about the disease is still limited on the internet. In other words, so many people have unanswered questions around the topic.

To address this issue, Google is testing its Questions Hub in other parts of the world for coronavirus-related queries.

SEO enthusiast and editor at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz wrote:

“Google told me they are piloting this now in the U.S., specifically for COVID-19 queries where Google’s search results may not have content to satisfy the query.”

Let’s delve a little deeper.

The Questions Hub is a type of box that provides answers about specific topics.
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Using Questions Hub to Address COVID-19 Queries

As the name implies, the Questions Hub is a type of box that provides answers about specific topics. Users get to share their questions anonymously; in turn, online publishers can provide solutions.

The feature has been available on the Google search result page for specific countries in the world for a while.

This is especially true in regions with content gaps across languages and searcher queries. For example, the search results in countries like India, Indonesia, and Nigeria already have the Question Hub.

Now, the search engine giant is noting similar content gaps with COVID-19, even in the United States.

Since it’s a limited pilot, only select publishers will have access to answer these questions. Furthermore, the publishers have to log into the Google Search Console to see these COVID-19 related queries.

Here is the official landing page for the Question Hub

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