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Google is Testing New Knowledge Graph Feature for Universities

Google is Testing New Knowledge Graph Feature for Universities

A new report suggests that Google is testing a new knowledge graph feature in Search Results for colleges.

Last year, Google launched a “Cameos” app, which allows public figures to record video responses to questions about them on the Search Result. That way, they can be sure that the public has access to accurate information.

Now, Google is considering a similar feature for colleges. According to SearchEngineLand, the search engine giant is testing Q&A videos in the knowledge graph for universities.

Knowledge Graph For Universities

For over a year now, the knowledge graph for universities has undergone a massive improvement. But, Google expanded the feature even further in the last summer.

Now, when you search for a 4-years United States college like UCLA, the search engine provides detailed information in a knowledge graph. The details include:

  • Admissions
  • Costs
  • Student Life
  • Acceptance Rate, etc.

According to Google, these cards allow potential applicants to know whether a college meets their individual needs. Now, Google is testing a new Q&A video feature that will enable colleges to provide first-hand information to applicants.

Q&A Videos in Search Results for Universities

Like Cameo, the new Knowledge Graph feature for universities allows faculty members to record videos of themselves answering questions. Expectedly, the answers address a unique set of top queries that searchers ask about a specific college.

However, the report suggests some inconsistencies in the result. While specific queries about a university could generate a Q&A video result, you may not be able to replicate the result for other colleges.

So, it’s safe to say that Google only rolled out the feature on a limited basis.

The tech giant has not released an official statement about the new Q&A video feature yet. We can only assume that it’s working directly with select universities on the project, which will roll out to other colleges in the U.S. eventually.

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