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Google Maps Launches Local Guide Feature Globally

Deepanker Verma /

Deepanker Verma /

Google Maps has gone global with its Local Guide feature.

Hundreds of millions of people contribute information to Google Maps every year. From the best local restaurant to photos of a nearby park, people use the navigation software to make recommendations.

That way, Map users can get up-to-date info about where to go and things to do in a community. Then, Google decided to take the sharing process to another level.

Last year, the search and advertising giant tested a feature that allowed people to follow specific Local Guides on Google Maps. Think of it as a social networking site for submitting reviews, photos, and videos about places.

Following the success of the initial pilot, the search engine giant has decided to expand the feature.

In a blog post announcement, Group Product Manager at Google Maps, Amanda Leicht Moore said:

“Today, we’re expanding this feature and beginning to roll it out globally. If a Google Maps user has shared photos, reviews or lists publicly, you can now follow them and get their recommendations, advice and updates delivered to your Updates tab in Google Maps.”

Individual Google Map users will have a profile that other users can follow to access photos, videos, and reviews. Yes, it’s exactly like a social media platform.

Here’s how it works.

Managing Your Google Maps Profile for Local Guide

How to manage your Google Maps profile for the Local Guide feature.
Screenshot from Google / Know who’s in the know: Get community updates in Maps

Google Maps now has a built-in setting to manage and personalize individual profiles. Along with inputting your display name, you can upload your profile photo and write a short tagline beneath the photo.

Eligible users have to go through a simple process in their Google Maps profile to become followable. However, you can choose whether to make your profile public or not.

“As always, everyone has the option to show (or not show) their reviews, photos, and posts on their public Maps profile.”

Also, users that are followable on Google Maps can choose to restrict their profiles. That means you have to approve new followers before they can see the reviews, images, and videos on your profile.

Google Maps now has new filters for quick access to the topics and places that people share the most. That way, you can remain up-to-date on the latest trend in your community.

It’s people’s personal recommendations and access to reliable, local information that make Google Maps a helpful tool in your pocket,” says Google.

Now, all of that is easier to find and follow.”

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