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Google may Release a December Search Algorithm Update

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This Friday the 13th, we may feel some spooky rumblings indicating a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update.

While not so much information is available now, we’ve got our finger on the pulse and will add relevant updates here. Here’s what we know so far.

A Google algorithm update chatter started across various SEO forums, particularly at WebMasterWorld, on December 10th. The discussions began as a result of fluctuations in Google organic traffic.

Several users reported a significant change in their websites’ search engine rankings and traffic. And they suggested a possible December Google Search Ranking Algorithm.

However, the notion was quickly dismissed as a false alarm. At the time, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Round Table reported that the chatter might be related to an Analytics bug.

The blog post reads:

“Just to be clear – I am not really seeing too many complaining about ranking changes right now. Most that do complain say it is related to a bug in Google Analytics.”

Two days after the initial report, the headline changed. We may be getting a December Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update after all.

Tracking the Signals: Google Search Algorithm Update

One day after the Analytics bug report, signals which indicate a possible algorithm update started popping up.

According to Schwartz, the signs started late December 10th. And it reportedly extended from December 11th till the next day.

Chatters from SEO forums like WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World suggests a significant decrease in site traffic, with a user reporting a 75 percent drop. Also, the forum users recorded a high activity across tracking tools in the past three days.

These include Mozcast, SERP Metrics, SEMRush, among others.

With that said, not everyone believes in a possible December update, and that’s understandable. While some users didn’t record a change in website traffic, others who did assume it may still be an Analytic bug.

Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. And we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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