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Google Makes .new Domain Public for you to use

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Google Registry now lets non-Google sites create .new domain extension shortcuts. Previously, this was an internal tool only available for Google services. Some businesses are already taking advantage of these shortcuts.

What is a .new Domain?

Last year, Google introduced the .new web shortcuts to its GSuite to enable users to create content faster. As a result, typing “” in your browser takes you to blank Google Docs page. Similarly, “” gives you easy access to a blank spreadsheet. Other .new shortcuts include “” for a new webpage and “” to access the calendar.

Taking a cue from these GSuite apps, Google decided to extend the custom shortcut to other businesses as well.

In a blog post, Google VP, CIO, & Chief Domains Enthusiast, Ben Fried said:

This inspired Google Registry to release the .new domain extension as a way for people to perform online actions in one quick step. And now any company or organization can register its .new domain to help people get things done faster, too.”

A drawing of of an older man in front of a lap top and a younger brunette woman next to a plan registering .new domains

What Kind of .new Domain Shortcuts Can I use?

Some companies have registered already. According to the search engine company, the list of available shortcuts include:

  • Create a new document in Microsoft Word
  • Create beautiful designs with your team
  • Create a new Spotify playlist
  • Create a new product listing on eBay
  • Create a new short link with Bitly
  • Prototype and launch your ideas for new Node.js API endpoints with this shortcut from RunKit

How Can I Register a .new Domain For My Business?

This is a whole new world of opportunity for streamlining your business.

You may wonder how you can start using the .new domain tools to optimize your business.  Trademark owners have to register between December 2, 2019, and January 14, 2020. After the limited registration period, other users can presumably create their .new domains.

The process for registering for a .new domain is similar to .app, .dev, and .page. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Google’s domain registry
  2. Type the domain name that you wish to use for the shortcut. For example, you could use your “” or “”.
  3. If the name is available, another page will pop-up with links to over 30 registrars. Choose your preferred registrar and follow the steps to register your domain.
  4. Once you register, launch your browser.
  5. Type in or what’s .new into the URL box.

If you are still unsure if the .new domain shortcuts are right for your organization, Google has a great recommendation. The company suggests checking out some early registrant pages to see what to expect. Also, we suggest reading the .new Domain Registration Policy before you consider getting one.

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