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The Google Pixel 4 To Include Face Unlock Technology

Screenshot from Made by Google YouTube Channel

Screenshot from Made by Google YouTube Channel

Google Pixel 4 is not expected to launch for another three months. But, Google has dropped plenty of teasers, enough to set user expectations about the upcoming device.

Now the latest tease via a YouTube Video and blog post suggests that Google is putting face unlock technology on the Pixel 4. That’s right — no more fingerprint sensor.

By introducing this technology into its phone line, Google is putting its upcoming phone on par with the iPhones’ Face ID. This also means the company is raising the stakes on itself.

In other words, users will expect the Pixel 4’s face unlock tech to be just as fast and secure as the iPhones.’

Google already confirmed that its face unlock feature works in almost any orientation. That’s unlike Face ID on iPhones that only works when the device is held right-side up.

Also, users would be able to use it for app authentication and secure payments too.

While this could raise data privacy concerns, Google says that the phone would feature a secure chip to store biometric data locally. So, even its services won’t have access to your information.

How the Face Unlock On Google Pixel 4 Works

The Google Pixel 4 face unlock feature will identify your face using a variety of sensors. These include infrared, depth, and RGB sensors.

Aside from ensuring that the tech works in a variety of lighting situation, the sensors also allow users to work with a diverse set of faces too. In a statement to The Verge, Google confirmed that it had conducted field research to ensure both of those things work correctly.

Aside from the various sensors for capturing the face, the usual second front-facing camera is noticeably absent. The previous flagships – the Pixel 3 and 3 XL – had an ultra-wide selfie shooter alongside the regular camera.

But, it appears that the tech company is changing its strategy this time.

The Motion Sense For Finger Detection

Google Pixel 4 features
Image Credit: Google

Aside from the face unlock technology, Pixel 4 is also expected to sport a Motion Sense feature. While we’re not entirely sure about how this new feature works, the latest video suggests that it would allow users to interact with their smart device using hand motions. The Soli radar chip will power this feature.

Google wrote in its blog post:

“Pixel 4 will be the first device with Soli, powering our new Motion Sense features to allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand.”

As motion sense technology gets better, we could soon have a display that lights up as soon as it senses our hand when we reach for our phones.

Google is expected to launch Pixel 4 in October.

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