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Google Search Console's API Infrastructure Gets an Update

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Google said that it has been working on upgrading its Search Console‘s API infrastructure over the past years.

You may not have noticed the changes, and that’s because they’re mostly minor. The tech giant points out that its goal was to make the migration as invisible as possible.

Yesterday, Google announced via a blog post that it’s close to completing the upgrade.

search console software engineer, Nati Yosephian wrote.

This change will help Google to improve the performance of the API as demand grows,

You don’t need to worry about these changes if you’re not querying the API yourself. However, if you’ve developed — or you’re using — a software that relies on the Google Search Console API, here’s what you need to know.

Google made three primary changes to the search console’s API infrastructure. These are:

  • Changes on Google Cloud Platform dashboard
  • API key restriction changes
  • Discovery document changes.

Besides the changes, “the API is backward compatible, and there are currently no changes in scope or functionality.”

Let’s delve a little deeper.

A Quick Look at the Changes in Google Search Console API Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Changes

You Adrop in the old API usage report and an increase in the new one
Search Console API changes in Google Cloud Console /

In the Google Cloud Console dashboard, you might notice a drop in the old API usage report and an increase in the new one. The screenshot above describes the change.

The tech giant points out that it’s the same API. But, it’s under a new name. Users can now monitor their API usage on the new Google Search Console API page.

API Key Restriction Changes

Users that previously set API key restrictions might need to change them with this update.
Google Search Console API restrictions setting /

According to Google, users that previously set API key restrictions might need to change them with this update. Here’s how to do that.

Follow these steps in the credential page to check if you have an API restriction active on your API key.

Also, make sure that you’re not restricting the Seach Console API. That way, your API calls can be automatically migrated to the new API infrastructure.

Discovery Document Changes

Finally, users that are querying the Search Console API using a third-party API library need to update before the year ends. The same is true if you’re querying the Webmaster API discovery document directly.

That’s because Google intends to drop the support in the Webmaster discovery document. “Our current plan is to support it until December 31, 2020,” the search giant said.

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