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Google Starts Beta Testing New Ad Extension for Advertisers



Google has started beta testing a new ad extension for advertisers, and it’s a lead form extension in Search ads.

According to the search engine giant, lead form extensions help marketers capture interest when potential customers are searching for their company, products, or services on Google. That means advertisers that are looking to capture leads from their text ad campaigns now have a new way of doing just that.

Thanks to this new ad extension, searchers can now submit their information to request or download reports from Google Search ads. You just have to be eligible to use it.

To create and use lead form extension, Google says your account must be in a non-sensitive vertical or sub-vertical. With that said, being in these account categories doesn’t still guarantee eligibility.

So, how does the new extension work?

How to Use Google’s New Ad Extension for Search Ads

Like the promotion extensions, the lead extensions also displays in a call-out box with a clipboard. Here’s how to attach the extension to your Search ads.

First, you must sign in to your Google Ads account and click Ads & extension. Then scroll to the top of the page to select Extensions.

Click the plus icon + to select “Lead form extension,” then review and accept the terms of service. At this point, you should be able to attach the ad extension to your Search campaign.

Simply create the extension by choosing the call-to-action and input the extension text. Next, create your lead form by entering the following information:

  • Headline
  • Business name
  • Description

You can also add a header image as well. Finally, enter the URL to your privacy policy.

So, why is the lead form extension a big deal?

As said earlier, the convenience that comes with using this ad extension can help marketers generate more leads. However, advertisers still have to pay close attention to the quality of these leads.

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