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Google Suffers From Another Indexing Issue



You may have noticed yesterday that your new and fresh content did not show up on Google News or Google Search. Well, you guessed it – Google had an indexing issue again.

Google has been experiencing issues with indexing over the past year.

Remember the indexing issue in August, when a Google employee revealed details about the search indexing bug that affected 4 percent of the indexed site. Well, it happened again.

This time, the search engine was not showing fresh content on its search result or News page.

What You Should Know About Google’s Latest Indexing Issue

The issue reportedly affected both small and large publishers, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN, among others. So, what was the concern?

When you filter Google News to display contents from these sites within the past hour, very few stories appear. Bear in mind that sites like WSJ and NYT publish a ton of content all the time.

The same issue also pops up when you sort the posts on Google News by date. As you can imagine, this can significantly impact the publisher’s traffic.

It didn’t take very long for Google to issue a statement.

At about 6:18 pm ET, the tech giant wrote:

“We’re aware of an issue that may be causing slight delays in indexing fresh content. We’re looking into it and will update when it is clear.”

SearchEngineLand reported that Google might have fixed the indexing issue. However, the search engine company did not confirm the improvements until 8:24 pm ET via a Twitter post.

So, what exactly went wrong? Well, we’re not sure.

Barry Schwartz of SearchEngineLand speculated that it could be an issue with Google’s filter or Google Crawling. It could even be an issue with Google indexing new content.

Since Google hasn’t revealed details of the issue, we can only speculate.

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