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How the HandEnergy Portable Charger Generates Power in Your Palms

Remitski Ivan /

Remitski Ivan /

The HandEnergy portable generator is a device that can power your mobile tech with nothing more than a smooth rotation of the wrist, and it is coming to market soon. Here is a brief description of the device, as well as a rundown on some of its more interesting features.

One of the biggest frustrations of mobile tech is its reliance on batteries. Millions have developed a necessary habit of charging their phone every night. Yet, after thousands of cycles, people still find themselves running out of power. For every smartphone innovation there is a drain on the battery, and until now the answer came in the form of bulky battery packs or staying near an outlet.

The HandEnergy generator means to change all of that by giving people a mobile way to generate power using a renewable resource called the 'human being'Click To Tweet.

Soon, you might be showing the ‘flick of that wrist’ for more than just three-point shots. Using wrist motion, the HandEnergy portable can generate vital power for the mobile world.

Interested? We here at Edgy Labs sure are. Here’s a quick rundown of the HandEnergy:

HandEnergy Portable Generator is Funded by Kickstarter

Kickstarter has enabled the creation of this portable generator, meaning that the design is high in demand by the consumer rather than the investor. Funders are first in line to get the device, and big spenders are offered bonus customizations. To find out more, take a look at HandEnergy’s Kickstarter page

A Generator That is Perfect for Developing Countries

Developing countries don’t necessarily have the kind of infrastructure that makes recharging our modern mobile technology reliable. The HandEnergy generator is ideal for places like this. If you find going to a place without power, why not just bring your own?

The Device is Fully Customizable

Personalization is a big component of making new technology yours in more than just ownership. The HandEnergy’s design lends itself well to those who look to trick out their generator with custom artwork and designs. Of course, for those of us who are less artistically inclined, the generator comes in a multitude of colors.

Competitive Recharger Rates

The technology inside the HandEnergy device rotates at 500 RPM, which allows it to charge as fast as any traditional charging cable. One caveat to consumers: repetitive motion can tire out your wrists, so don’t go overboard. Yet, the action required is smooth and minimal, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Of course, when done responsibly, regular repetitions may also be a good way to exercise the small joints in your wrist.

It is Ready to be Produced Right Now

The device has long since passed the design phase, and as of December 18th it has even surpassed its funding goals on Kickstarter, so it’s ready to start production and distribution.

We should see the HandEnergy portable generator on the market soon, perhaps adding a little flick of the wrist to every person’s leisurely stroll.

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