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Here's a Single From the First Album Ever Composed by an AI

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Dubassy |

A pop singer has released a single from an album that’s entirely composed by an AI, a world first that poses many questions regarding the future of music.

A new landmark has just been reached in the history of music and arts in general: the first song composed by AI is now available.

No need to learn sheet music to compose an album these days–we figure that’s enough to motivate some solo artists out there who don’t actually play instruments.

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More than ever, this work demonstrates how AI is capable of equaling human beings in all fields.

“I Am AI” and I Compose Music!

Taryn Southern is a singer who’s very popular on YouTube.

Her most recent album, entitled I Am AI, is unlike any other: it was entirely composed by an AI algorithm called Amper.

Amper, from startup AmperMusic, is cloud-based AI software that composes original music.

Southern specifies the genre, key, BPM (beats per minute), and the instruments she wants to be used, and Amper took it from there.

Then, Southern downloaded the stems of the instrumentation provided by Amper, stitched them together, made adjustments to the instruments and the key, and finally, added vocal melodies and lyrics to create the actual finished song.

“What Amper’s really good at is composing and producing instrumentation, but it doesn’t yet understand song structure,” Southern told The Verge, ”It might give you a verse or the chorus and it’s up to me to so that it sounds like something familiar you would hear on the radio.”

The new album will be released next December, but Southern gave us a first taste by releasing “Break Free” the first single, featuring Amper.

You can listen to it in this YouTube video.

Creative AI: Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Arts

Southern’s experimentation allows to test the limits of AI and understand its stakes in order to anticipate what the future of creative arts could be.

Capable of composing, producing and performing music, Amper is for beginners and experts alike, no musical skills are required to use it while also allowing experienced musicians to develop their creativity further.

If you’re interested, you can test the software out on the Amper website for yourself. Just choose a genre and criteria to compose the music you want. If the music is not suitable, you can tweak settings and do it all over again.

But Amper is not the only AI music composer that exists, big companies like Sony and Google as well as many other small start-ups have also developed AI music platforms.

Watson Beat is IBM’s take on cognitive and creative AI that turns notes and moods into music.

Southern said she’s been toying with 4 other AI music platforms but she still didn’t know which would make the cut.

If AI is going beyond utility and assistance aspects to collaboration and creation, will music (or any AI artistic creation) be copyrightable? Who would own the copyrights then?

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