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How Artificial Intelligence can Improve Your SEO Efforts

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock

If you’re thinking of ways to improve your SEO efforts, you may want to consider using Artificial Intelligence.

Without a doubt, AI has revolutionized digital marketing.

Google and Facebook are already using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find people that are more prone to specific actions. Also, two out of three consumers are already using AI without knowing they are interacting with chatbots.

It was initially predicted that this year, 60 percent of companies will be using artificial intelligence to drive digital revenue. But why wait that long when you can start today.

In the early 2000s, getting a page to rank on the search engine was as easy as apple-pie. But things have changed since then.

Thanks to advancements in machine learning, search engines are becoming better at identifying irrelevant backlinks, keyword stuffing, and low-quality content. As a result, marketers must also improve their SEO efforts using a similar strategy.

But how?

4 Ways to Improve Your Seo Efforts Using AI

1. Use Content Tools to Create Better Contents

Search engines process billions of search queries every day, and only a few ever make the coveted first SERPs cut. The reason is not far-fetched

Along with content relevance, Google favors posts with conversational tones, especially with the growing adoption of voice search. Luckily for you, several AI-powered content creation tools exist to help with this.

These tools make suggestions such as the number of hyperlinks a post should have as well as the recommended word count. The right AI tools could also help address grammar, spelling, and readability issues.

Some of these tools include INK, Grammarly, and Buzzsumo, to name a few.

Using these AI content creation tools will enable you to make easy-to-read texts that readers would not only enjoy, but search engines would favor as well.

2. Use AI to Create Hyper-Personalized Contents

If content is king, then a hyper-personalized content is god!

According to reports from Forrester Research, 72 percent of customers stated that they are more likely to shop more frequently with retailers that send them relevant communications. Also, 70 percent of the participant said that they are more likely to establish loyalty with a retailer that they feel knows them.

With the right AI tool, you can leverage data about consumers’ behavior to create relevant content.

For example, some tools use machine-learning algorithms to collect purchase history, including behavioral data. Using this information, the tool then recommends the best way to create content that’ll appeal to your audience’s preferences.

Instead of bombarding customers with irrelevant texts, you’ll know exactly what they want.

3. Use Analytics to Improve Your SEO Efforts

One of the significant reasons to use artificial intelligence in your search engine optimization efforts is the tons of analytics you’ll have at your disposal.

Aside from tracking your web page and contents, analytics will also allow you to collect insightful data about your visitors, and perform a detailed visual analysis of search demands. That way you can make informed decisions that’ll help your content and page rank higher on SERPs

4. AI Can Help You Keep Up With Changes in Search Algorithms

Google is always looking to improve its users’ experience, and this comes with an algorithm update.

As a result, search engine optimization processes have evolved beyond merely using keywords, acquiring links, and metadata optimization. Other factors are now in play.

For example, an estimate suggests that 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020. Recognizing the potential rise of voice search, the search engine giant has updated its algorithm to favor factors like natural language use and page speed.

It only makes sense that marketers employ AI and machine learning tools to keep up with these changes. These tools can remind you to organize your content in a way that’ll appeal to voice search and ensure that it meets basic optimization requirements.

Search engines are getting smarter and better in deciphering relevant content. It’s time to start using AI to improve your SEO efforts.

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