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How to Create a Marketing Outreach Strategy that Really Gets Responses

Having trouble with your marketing outreach strategy generating leads? Follow this guide to understand how best to connect with customers and competitors alike.

Outreach marketing strategy concept. | Created by Rassco, Edited by |

Outreach marketing strategy concept. | Created by Rassco, Edited by |

Finding that your outreach program is ineffective? If so, you may need to update your outreach strategy. Follow this guide to find out how.

As a blogger, I receive countless outreach emails every day. Unable to reply to them all, I try to filter out any emails that are irrelevant or spammy.

The ones I do reply to have two key elements:

  1. the person reaching out has obviously read my blog content, and
  2. they have attention-grabbing proposals that promise to benefit both parties.

We’re all more likely to reply to messages that are personalized, straight to the point, and seemingly authentic.

An effective outreach strategy is a valuable marketing tool that allows you to forge relationships, drive traffic and build your brand.

This article will show how to create an outreach strategy that’ll get you responses, links, and shares.

It all Begins with Exceptional Content Creation

Outreach strategies are all about getting noticed. To implement an effective outreach strategy, start first with creating content that is worthwhile to visitors.

Offer high-quality content that answers your target audience’s most common questions.

The more your content gets noticed, the more your brand grows and traffic increases. The wider your audience is, the more conversions you will have. And, we all know conversions mean sales and sales mean revenue.

Your exceptional content should reflect your brand. Here are the most effective types of content for link building:

  • Video: this is the most popular way for modern users to receive information, a fact which leads to a high engagement rate.
  • Podcasts: these are easy and quick to produce and often lead to collaboration opportunities.
  • Webinars: these can be in video or podcast form. An easy way to produce a webinar is to get a few of your company’s experts together for a discussion and exchange of ideas. (SEMrush does these often, and they’re always really unique helpful).
  • Press Releases: these can bring in great publicity. However, they do bring the risk that Google will devalue links that are considered irrelevant.
  • Research: make sure it’s something fresh and new. Add to the conversation out there already, rather than reproducing what’s already there.
  • How to Guides: these are great resources that always earn plenty of links.Long-form
  • Long-form blog posts or articles: this is perhaps the most popular way to get information across. Although it may seem easy to bang out a couple of hundred words, you should only attempt producing this content if you are a skilled and confident writer. Your articles should be something your audience actually wants to read.

Or, even better, pick and choose your strongest areas and produce different types of content that complement each other.

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Your Outreach Strategy Needs Give and Take

Once you have produced exceptional content, only then should you begin to even think about creating an outreach strategy.

When you’re asking someone to help you out, your content should be offering something of value to them too. The best outreach strategies work by giving and taking.

For example, if an influencer shared an article from your website, you would earn backlinks and reach a wider audience, while they would get to offer a high-quality resource to their viewers. In other words, the benefits of your outreach strategy should be mutual.

A successful outreach strategy earns backlinks and will help you to rank higher in SERPS. It will also have a major positive impact on your websites credibility and brands reputation. In this day and age, for all online businesses, an effective outreach program is essential.

Without further ado, here’s how you can go about reaching out to relevant people with your content.

1.Directory Listings

There are so many directories out there for different types of content. From whitepapers to infographics, each directory is an outreach opportunity. With a simple email, you can reach out to the publishers and ask for your content to be added to their directory.

An outline of the Dragonfly group's latest hacking attack activities.
An example of an infographic that can be reused by many sites. “An outline of the Dragonfly group’s latest hacking attack activities.” | Symantec |

This will help them to increase the range of content offered on their site. Even better,  it earns you a backlink.

Again, and this can’t be emphasized enough: your outreach strategy will only be successful if you have that exceptional high-quality content to offer in the first place.

2. Unlinked Mentions

If you are offering high-quality content and your brand is known elsewhere but not translating to traffic on your site, chances are that other websites have mentioned you but didn’t link to you.

With a quick bit of research, you can find missed backlinking opportunities. Take advantage of this by reaching out and asking them to include a link.

If they think your site was valuable enough to mention, chances are they will have no problem adding a link to your site.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting can be highly effective in your outreach strategy.

If you haven’t considered guest posting before, now might be the time to. Once again, you will need to have good writing skills and experience to create an article that others will want to share.

muaaz shakeel
Muaaz Shakeel, a tutorial YouTuber that posted a “How-to Create a Successful YouTube Channel” guide on our site. | Muaaz Shakeel

Once you succeed at this, you will earn valuable links and referral traffic.

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4. Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing is a great way for local businesses to get a free listing online.

For smaller, location-dependent businesses, it provides high-quality links to your website and provides a place to earn reviews. If this wasn’t the first step in your local outreach strategy, then act now!

All you have to do is sign up and, as long as you can receive mail and calls at your business address, you’re verified and can start playing with the tools Google provides to increase visibility on Google Maps. This will increase your chances of appearing in organic searches.

Once you set it up, your listing will appear right when people are searching for your business or similar on Google Search and Google Maps. It’s also really easy to create. One thing: keep it updated.

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5. Blogger Outreach

Reaching out to fellow bloggers or content creators can be an effective element of your outreach strategy. The key here, again, is to start off with exceptional original content.

When you are producing content, refer to and quote relevant bloggers often. Once you have shared the article with your community, reach out to the blogger and let them know that you have featured them.

Most likely, they will be flattered and happy to give feedback. Plus, if they like your (high-quality!) content, they may share it to their social media communities.

Additionally, other bloggers might return the favor when they see your high-quality content. That’s how great B2B relationships begin.

6. Link Roundups

Publishing link roundups is a great outreach strategy. Many websites publish weekly or monthly link roundups on particular themes and you can too.

Link roundups often come in the form of “Best of” pages. They are basically a page that lists high-quality links that direct you to relevant content and resources on particular subjects.

They are easy-to-create link-building powerhouses.

A little bit of research here will help you figure out what information is missing when it comes to particular topics. You should also keep an eye out for emerging trends in your business that you can create a link roundup to help explain. Once you see a gap your link roundup could fill, start reaching out.

Make a list of resources from blogs and experts you want to include. Chances are, once the traffic begins to flow in other content creators will notice.

7. Resource Pages

Who doesn’t love a good resource page?

They are useful sources of in-depth information collected in one easy-to-access page. Plus, Google loves resource pages.

Although creating a resource page will take some time, research and skill, the work will pay off. They provide a place where you can include internal links to resources that you have already created.

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You can also win numerous backlinks from resource pages. Other content creators will use your resource page as a go-to reference more and more over time. In addition, resource pages may take a while to make, but a good one will last for ages.

Just remember: if you want your evergreen content to stand out, make it better than the ones already available.

8. Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is similar to blogger outreach. However, in the case of influencer outreach, you are relying heavily on another’s approval of your content. That means your content needs to be exceptional!

Another vital part of influencer outreach is finding someone who suits your business. This will be much easier to do if you are involved in your niche community. Reach out to a few influencers whose interests and values match your company’s.

Most influencers are looking out for new content as a way to show they are in the know. They want to solidify themselves as thought leaders, so if it’s good enough, they will share it.

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If you haven’t guessed by now the main goal of your outreach strategy is link building.

The additional benefit of taking this direction is that you will also establish relationships with others in the business along the way. Having an outreach strategy brings you enhanced credibility and brand reputation.

Every outreach strategy begins with exceptional content. Once you have something of value to offer, using these strategies will help everything else fall into place.

How will you create the best outreach strategy for your business? 

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