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How we "Almost" Found Life on Mars

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Dotted Yeti /

One of late David Bowie’s greatest singles, “Life on Mars” is about human futility and the nature of reality.

Is there an escape from this world full of lack of love, solitude, and absurdity? Is there life on Mars, for example, or in this vast Universe?

This song might be the first human audio aliens would listen to because it is playing on a loop in the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk sent to space.

As several governments and private companies engage in a race against time, each plotting its expedition, the question becomes more urgent.

An Ohio University scientist claimed he found photographic evidence of martian insects, but the press release has now been deleted!

Life on Mars: Where are the Martian Bugs Photos?

William Romoser is an entomologist and Professor Emeritus at Ohio University. He also specializes in arbovirology, which is the study of viruses transmitted by arthropod vectors.

Last week, Romoser argued that the images captured by NASA’s Mars rovers he has compiled clearly show the existence of past and present life on the Martian surface.

‘There has been and still is life on Mars…,” said Romoser, “evidence of fossil and living insect- and reptile-like forms on Mars. A few of many findings are included, and additional results will be published soon.”

On Nov. 19, the Ohio University professor presented his findings at the national meeting of the Entomological Society of America. But strangely, Romoser’s press release is now nowhere to be found on the university’s website.

However, there’s a poster of Romoser’s paper still available online, in which he claims that:

“At least some NASA/JPL personnel are acquainted with Martian insect- and reptile-like creatures… It appears that the “Red Planet” enjoys a surprising abundance of higher life forms. The insect-like fauna observed appeared to be sheltering/nesting in caves, in burrows beneath the surface, and in specialized structures.”

Possible insect on Mars
Image courtesy of William Romoser
Possible life on Mars
Image courtesy of William Romoser

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Romoser based his wild allegations that made headlines on NASA Mars rover pics sent back to Earth. He claimed that reptile-like animals on Mars prey on bee-like creatures.

But experts refuted Romoser’s astonishing claims because his “proof” is based on his interpretations of the images. This isn’t the first time that people see “things” on martian pics, living or otherwise.

You can be led into believing some shapes on Mars photos resemble some life-forms we know in our homeworld. Professor Romoser’s “evidence” could be just another example of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which people see patterns in random stimulus.

“I, personally, have pareidolia with respect to insects, beetles in particular,” David Maddison, a professor in the integrative biology, told

“I’ve worked on beetles for decades; I have collected many thousands of beetles around the world. Through the years I have built into my brain a pattern-recognition system for picking out beetles.”

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