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Huawei ArkOS Leak: An iOS Look-alike That’s Based on Android

Mohd Hafizan bin Ilias /

Mohd Hafizan bin Ilias /

Screenshots of Huawei ArkOS are making rounds on the internet. And as you may have guessed, it is based on Android.

It’s been only a couple of weeks since President Trump issued an executive order to ban US companies from working with Huawei. But, with all the events that followed, it already feels like a lifetime ago.

It started with Google ending its partnership with the Chinese tech giant. This includes removing it from the Android Q Beta Program and announcing that its services would not be available in future Huawei phones.

Other companies soon followed suit. These include Facebook, Arm, Qualcomm, Intel, and Microsoft.

Only a week ago, Huawei reached some form of agreement with Google. As a result, the company was reinstated in the Android Q Beta Program.

Having anticipated the ban, Huawei had been quietly working on its mobile operating system. Following the ban, the company announced that its ArkOS or Hong Meng OS would soon be ready for phones.

Thanks to a leaked screenshot, we’re finally getting a first look at the operating system.

Huawei ArkOS; The First Look

Screenshots of Huawei ArkOS are making rounds on the internet.
Screenshots of Huawei ArkOS | Image Credit: InfoTech News

Although the screenshots were very blurry, two things are noticeable.

At first glance, the UI may look very familiar. An in-depth look at the whole interface, including the battery and network bars, would reveal its striking resemblance with iOS.

With that said, the operating system is still obviously powered by Android.

The Weather app’s description shows that the app is compatible. With “Android Green Alliance through compatibility, stability, power consumption, performance, security, and privacy detection.”

The whole App Info UI is reminiscent of Android – especially the Uninstall and Force Stop icons. It suggests that whatever we’re looking at is indeed based on the open source operating system.

The images were found in patents filed by Huawei. And this leak is only coming out days after Google asked to be exempted from theist of companies banned from working with Huawei.

According to a senior Google official, a Huawei-modified Android version could be more vulnerable to hacking. In the long run, this could hurt national security, argued the tech giant.

Within the coming months, we’ll not only find out how accurate these images are, but we could even see ArkOS in action.

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