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New Instagram Alert to Warn Violators of Impending Account Deletion

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

In an attempt to strengthen its moderation policies, Instagram is adding a new warning feature to its app. Users who violate the social media platform’s rules will now receive an Instagram alert if moderators are close to banning their account.

The alert will include a history of everything Instagram has had to remove from the account, including posts, comments, and stories. Also, users would know why the moderators removed their posts.

The page reads:

“If you post something that goes against our guidelines again, your account may be deleted.”

With that said, Instagram users will get the opportunity to appeal the decision directly through the alert. That means you won’t need to go through the Help Center on the web to get the platform to restore a post.

At first, users will only be able only to send appeals to protest the removal of certain types of content. These include harassment, bullying, drug sales, counterterrorism, nudity, pornography, and hate speech.

However, Instagram intends to expand the available content appeal options over time.

Aside from removing the sudden shock that comes when you notice that your account has vanished, the new notification should help users understand why they’re in trouble.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

New Instagram Alert and Efforts to Crack Down on Repeat Offenders

Aside from the new Instagram alert, the photo-sharing app is also cracking down on repeat offenders.

Instagram has always banned people who post “a certain percentage of violating content.” Now, it intends to ban users who repeatedly violate its policies within a certain time frame.

In the announcement, the company wrote:

“Similarly to how policies are enforced on Facebook, this change will allow us to enforce our policies more consistently and hold people accountable for what they post on Instagram.”

The Facebook-owned platform did not reveal the specifics of the time frame. That way, bad actors won’t be able to trick the system.

Instagram’s Moderation Problems

Like its parent company, Facebook, Instagram also has problem moderating nudity and sexuality. For example, users that post pictures of period blood or breastfeeding have had their post removed in the past.

Meanwhile, the platform should allow these types of photos. While the new update may not prevent this mistake, appealing the decision will at least be more comfortable now.

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