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Instagram Post Scheduler Tool is now Available for Business Profiles

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Instagram has finally introduced a post scheduler that can be used by brands with business profiles on their platform. 

On Tuesday, Facebook-owned photo-sharing application Instagram unveiled its post scheduler tool that enables businesses to schedule their organic posts. The tool is just one of the features added to the Instagram Graph API in recent months. Business profile owners may now enjoy the following new tools:

  • Content Publishing Beta
  • Business Discovery
  • Mentions

Aside from scheduling organic posts, these features will also enable brands with Instagram business profiles to view public posts where they have been tagged or mentioned. They will also be able to view other business profiles as well.

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These three new tools will join the Insights and Comment Moderation features that were first introduced in last year’s update to the Graph API. Before this recent update, brands had to use unofficial means to control and schedule their posts. The closest thing to a post scheduler that Instagram had given them was support for Drafts.

Instagram Post Scheduler

While the new post scheduler is meant to help businesses manage and control their organic content on Instagram, it is not directly accessible through the photo sharing platform. Unfortunately, companies will only be able to view mentions, tags, and other businesses’ profiles through the Instagram Graph API.

If these businesses want to utilize the scheduler, they will need to go through one of the vendors in the Facebook Marketing Program or Instagram Partners.

This means they will have to use community management apps like SocialFlow,, IconoSquare, or HootSuite, just to name a few. The latter, Hootsuite, is one of the first among Instagram and Facebook partners to implement the API.

“The scheduling and publishing of Instagram content has been the number one request for our 16 million customers,” Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO, said in a statement. “Now, they can manage large volumes of content, multiple team members, and multiple Instagram accounts with ease and security. HootSuite is excited to partner with Instagram to make this happen.”

In a separate statement to TechCrunch, SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson was quoted as saying:

“It’s always been very time-consuming to create Instagram posts. That’s not necessarily a problem for individual consumers, but when you’re a media company that creates more than 100,000 posts a month, it’s simply impossible to do everything manually.”

In the meantime, enterprises and organizations that use Instagram’s third-party software to manage their posts will have access to the scheduler. At this point, it could only be limited to big businesses as smaller ones don’t necessarily need to use other software when working with their Instagram accounts.

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Instagram is planning to make the API features accessible to all its users in the future. To date, support for non-business profiles is already being developed and could be released from as early as the beginning of 2019.

Do you agree with Instagram’s decision to let its partner vendors manage their new post scheduler feature? Do you think this feature should be open to smaller businesses? Or is there any need? 

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