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Instagram to Launch a Messaging App Called Threads

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Facebook is developing a new messaging app to promote constant, intimate communication between users and their close friend. According to reports, they’re calling it Threads.

The social media giant designed Threads as a companion app to Instagram. So, along with texts, photos, and videos, Threads users can also automatically share their location, speed, and even their battery life with friends using Instagram’s creative tools.

Although the company has not issued a statement about the app, The Verge confirmed it’s already being tested internally by Facebook.

Back in 2017, Instagram started working on Direct, a standalone app for the platform. At the beta stage of the project, the testers expressed frustration at having to switch from Instagram to another app to send a message.

So, in May 2019, Instagram ended all effort to develop Direct and instead focused on creating a new messaging experience. That’s what Threads is supposed to provide.

After reviewing screenshots of the upcoming app, The Verge provided a hint of what to expect.

What We Know About Threads So Far

As said earlier, the app is designed to promote constant, automatic sharing between you and your close friends. Users can create a list on Instagram. Then, the app will offer the option to share with accounts on the list automatically.

If you choose to opt-in, Threads will automatically update your status, providing a real-time view of your speed, location, and others.

With that said, The Verge reported that the location feature is not active yet. Rather than display your location, the app could display the phrase “on the move.

The app also offers a manual update option, in which statuses appear in the main feed along with messages.

While Threads appears to be designed to automate status sharing, the core of the app is still messaging. Reports suggest that the messaging app is similar to existing messaging products inside Instagram.

Threads’ central feed displays messages from friends, as well as their stories. Also, the app has camera support to capture videos and photos that can be shared with close friends instantly.

It’s unclear when Threads will launch on Instagram. We can only hope the company doesn’t end development before releasing it to the public, as it did with Direct.

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