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8 Internet Applications to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategies

Robert Kneschke /

Robert Kneschke /

With the right internet applications, you can improve your content marketing efforts drastically. In this article, we listed some of the best online apps that you can use to take your content marketing to the next level.

8 Internet Applications to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategies

1. Canva

Internet tools: Canva
Canva Homepage

Visuals play a crucial role in content creation and promotion. Good content must have good accompanying images.

Previously, there was a need to hire a dedicated graphic designer for your marketing and content images.

Thanks to Canva, inexperienced designers can now create high-quality professional-looking images. Canva provides a wide range of design templates for multiple purposes.

With Canva, you can create three great photos in under 30 mins. Yes, it’s that easy!

Use Canva to create images to take your content marketing to the next level.

2. Sniply

Sniply Homepage
Sniply Homepage

Every marketer knows the importance of sharing high-quality content with your audience. This means you may share content from other sources with your fans or readers.

Sharing third-party content means their site will receive the traffic you drive and not yours. This is where Sniply comes in.

Sniply lets you add a custom call-to-action to every link you share. This means you can attach a link to your website, social channel, or lead magnet to the content you share.

This way, readers will discover your site organically as they read the content.

3. INK

Internet Applications: INK
INK Homepage

Optimizing your content for both search engines and readers is no easy feat. But don’t fret! INK is here to ensure that you come up with flawless and highly optimized content for your audience.

INK is an AI-powered application that automates SEO processes for content writers. Its Content Performance Optimization will allow your web content to rank higher, and with more authority, in search engines.

Remember, higher SERP ranking means more online visibility and traffic. This app is free to download for both Windows and Mac users.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo lets you find the most shared content in your niche. With Buzzsumo, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You simply plug in keywords, and it returns a list of most shared articles with those keywords.

In addition to providing you with the most shared content, you also get the list of people who shared the articles, including influencers. Simply reach out to these people once your content is ready, and they might even share your content.

5. SEMrush

Internet Applications: SEMRush
SEMrush’s Homepage

SEMrush is one of the best internet applications today for keyword research. It lets you discover keywords your competitors are ranking for both organically and paid.

All you need to do is enter your competitors’ website URL. Then, it will return with a list of keywords driving traffic to your competitors’ site. Even with a free registered account, you can see up to the top 10 keywords of your competitors.

You can start targeting these keywords strategically as well.

6. Buffer

Buffer Homepage
Buffer Homepage

One thing you want to avoid in your social marketing strategy is randomness.

Never post randomly to your Social Media pages. Consistency is key. This way, your fans know when to expect your posts, and your posts will likely get more engagement.

With Buffer, you can set up a posting calendar for multiple social media channels. You’ll be able to schedule posts in advance, and they’ll go out automatically at set times.

Buffer helps you achieve consistency in your social content marketing strategy.

7. Mailshake

Internet Applications: Mailshake
Mailshake Homepage

Cold emailing is a necessary evil in content marketing. We use cold emailing to accomplish a lot of things. From getting influencers to share a new piece of content to get backlinks to our blog.

Mailshake makes cold emailing easy and more effective.

With just a google account, Mailshake provides you with proven templates and assists you in finding contact information. You can also track clicks and replies through this platform.

Mailshake costs $9/month per person.

8. Zapier


Zapier lets you automate workflows. It integrates over 300 web apps to automate tasks between them.

Once you’ve defined a sequence of workflows for your content marketing strategy, you can use Zapier to automate this process. This way, you only perform one action, and Zapier takes care of the remaining sequence.

Zapier is very useful for scaling content marketing efforts.

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  1. IiloniKumaro July 17 at 11:38 am GMT is one more deserving player in the competitors’ research space, which
    has very useful SERP analysis features for organic and paid strategies,
    and smart outlet of budget and resources. Good alternative worthwhile
    paying your attention which is much cheaper (about half of Semrush’s
    cost) but performs similar functions.

  2. Joe C August 29 at 8:22 pm GMT

    Canva rocks. It’s now my go to image editor. I’m no artist and it’s allowed me to easily create images for my blog. Also, I love their business model of selling stock photos – most are $1. It allows their users to support them even if they don’t want to go all in with a subscription.

    Hopefully, my new tool Sharey will make your list next time you do a roundup. It’s a social media marketing tool that adds a CTA to social media posts. Where Sharey is different the Sniply is that the CTA is presented over a distraction free version of the shared content (think Pocket) so that the CTA doesn’t get lost within all the other chrome on a site.

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    MUHAMMAD IHSAAN June 14 at 6:59 pm GMT

    Use ( to have a great grip on the world of inter net and uptodate with technology we can know about all the incidents around us like the news these days is ( case..

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    very nice content ,I found this very informative recommended for the new reader

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