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Why The iPad Pro 2017 Will Change the Mobile Device Industry

Why The iPad Pro 2017 Will Change the Mobile Device Industry

At first glance, the iPad Pro 2017 might not seem like a huge upgrade--but once competitors catch onto Apple's keen use of adaptive refresh rate, it will.

Apple has released its newest generation of the iPad Pro, but is it worth buying? To find out, we’ve pored over some of the new features so you can see for yourself if it’s time for an upgrade.

When Apple speaks, the tech world listens. First announced at Apple’s WWDC 2017, the iPad Pro 2017 will again set the tech giant apart. You may not notice huge upgrades, but the subtleties could change the game.

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And the timing is good. Apple is throwing its weight around with the iPad Pro 2017 by joining the war on bezels and applying adaptive refresh rate tech to keep Apple on top of the user experience game.

Without further ado, let’s sink our teeth in and start with the tech specs for the iPad Pro.

Check the Specs

The 2017 iPad Pro has new upgrades for iPad enthusiasts, and if you want an exhaustive list, then check out the specs page over at Apple’s website.

For our purposes, however, I’m going to assume that you haven’t been living under a rock and have seen a previous generation of the tablet before.

Here’s a list of the iPad Pro’s juiciest new features:

  • The a10X CPU in the iPad Pro is at least 30% faster than its predecessor
  • The iPad Pro sports the most RAM in an iPad, regardless of which size you chose, to date with 4 gigs
  • Bigger is better, and the screen went from 9.7″ to either 10.5″ or 12.9″
  • Speaking of the screen, it’s looking better than ever with a DCIP3 wide color Gamut, 600 nits of brightness, a 120hz refresh rate, and HDR compatibility to boot
  • 64-512 GB storage space
  • 12-megapixel camera on the back, 7-megapixel camera on the front; perfect for AR apps.
  • Adaptive refresh rate technology

That last one is the key, by the way.

As Linus Tech Tips‘ awesome video points out, these slight tweaks make for an incredibly responsive display experience without sacrificing Apple’s historically excellent battery life on its devices.

The Real Difference

Increasing refresh rate and display technology is a clever way to increase the performance of games and other visual experiences without forcing developers to develop apps for two drastically different devices. Any Apple device will be able to run anything available in the app store, it’ll just look better on the iPad Pro 2017.

And at $649 USD MSRP, having one of the best display experiences Apple can offer isn’t exactly prohibitively expensive.

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The specs don’t wow right away, but as Linus points out, the decision to equip the iPad Pro 2017 with key, subtle upgrades represents a choice to do things the Apple way. Whereas tech competitors strive to give customers what they ask for, Apple has its own plans.

We don’t always know what’s best for us. Maybe Apple is onto something.

In short, the 2017 iPad Pro offers a compelling user experience upgrade without leaving behind the rest of their customers. This in itself represents a milestone for the mobile device industry.

Plenty of tablets are powerful, sure, but few of them are compatible with cross-device content. For that matter, no others have the brand recognition that Apple provides. So, if any mobile device is going to threaten laptop sales, it would be the iPad Pro.

There will be many, like myself, who have an older generation iPad. And for us, the question remains: Is it really worth it to shell out the bucks for the new generation of iPad?

But, as we point out, we don’t necessarily have to. We can still play all the same games and connect with the same content.

How long will it be before other tablet and mobile device manufacturers begin copying Apple’s novel integration of adaptive refresh rate technology?

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  1. bruceeverett July 18 at 11:57 am GMT

    “Will Change the Mobile Device Industry” over blown

    • Alexander De Ridder July 18 at 12:02 pm GMT

      If manufacturers now one by one start adding adaptive refresh tech in Mobile devices, Apple will have changed the industry. This DOUBLES refresh rates in many cases!!

      It makes a big difference in user experience, so we (the consumers) are the winners.

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