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Apple Launches iPadOS, a Separate Operating System for iPad

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

Yesterday, during its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Apple announced a new operating system for the iPad. They’re calling it the iPadOS.

The iPad has come a long way since its launch ten years ago. While the hardware has evolved to reach new heights, the software has always remained a limiting factor – mainly because of iOS.

Well, that’s about to change. Apple is finally giving the tablet a separate OS.

To be clear, the new operating system doesn’t look dramatically different from the current iOS 12. In fact, this may be the most uninteresting update the tablet has gotten in a while.

However, the name change from iOS to iPadOS is a promise of good things to come. Now, Apple can easily introduce functionalities that won’t exist on the iPhone.

Moreover, iPads are already getting more powerful than some macOS devices. So, it only makes sense that Apple would want to unshackle it from iOS.

What’s new on the iPad’s new operating system, you wonder?

5 New Features Exclusive to iPadOS

Multitasking on iPadOS | Image Credit: Apple
Multitasking on iPadOS | Image Credit: Apple

Here are five major updates to the iPadOS.

1. Desktop Mode on Safari

This may be the best update to the operating system. Safari will now load the desktop version of websites by default, rather than the traditional mobile site.

2. Widget in Home Screen

While this functionality has been available on Android tablets since day one, the iPad has never had it – until now. Now you can swipe to bring widgets to your tablet’s home screen.

Also, users can now fit more app icon into each screen.

3. Improved File Sharing

iPad OS comes with an enhanced Files app. Not, it’s nothing close to Finder or Windows explorer yet, but it now offers some neat features.

For example, now you can share folders in iCloud Drive. Also, you can copy your files directly from USB-C flash drives. Oh, yes, it has a column view now too.

4. Better Multitasking Experience

With the OS update, the iPad is about to become better at multitasking.

Not only does it support multiple windows of the same app, but the new operating system also features interface changes. That way, users can take full advantage of the screen’s real estate.

5. Improved Latency For Apple Pencil

According to Apple, the Apple Pencil already offers the lowest latency on the market, with 20 ms. But, they’ve managed to push it further. Now, the latency is as little as 9 ms.

Also, the company is providing access to PencilKit developer API. That way, third-party app developers can integrate new controls into the pencil.

Again, these changes are far from mind-blowing. However, it’s freedom from iOS, and it also means the future of tablet computing is looking bright.

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