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Why A Radical New Design Won't Save The iPhone

The iPhone is in trouble. Unfortunately, Apple are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. | Image By Elizaveta Galitckaia |

The iPhone is in trouble. Unfortunately, Apple are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. | Image By Elizaveta Galitckaia |

Although Apple is not expected to release another iPhone until October, several iPhone redesign leaks are already making rounds on the Internet. Whether it’s the hideous triple camera setup or the central camera style, all leaks point to one thing — a radical iPhone redesign.

iPhone redesign
Adding three cameras to the new iPhone is a short-sighted solution to a long term problem.

While a complete iPhone redesign is exciting, it may not be enough to save the declining iPhone sales.

Apple enjoyed tremendous growth in the last decade, thanks in part to its iPhone sales. From 1.4 million units sold in 2007 to more than 1 billion in 2017, the iPhone accounts for about 70 percent of Apple’s total revenue.

But 2018 arrived, and with it came a slight decline in iPhone sales. What happened in 2018, you wonder?

Apple recycled the iPhone X’s notched design, slapped on a bigger (and better) display, and included a slightly improved camera. Oh yes! There was also an upgraded price tag. At $1,450, the iPhone XS Max costs 45 percent more than the base iPhone X.

Between the unreasonably high price tag, saturated smartphone market, and Apple’s China troubles, it’s not surprising that the tech giant suffered disappointing sales in 2018. Reports reveal that the iPhone XS Max sales expectation failed by a whopping 48 percent.

Despite the rumored new design, 2019 will be no different for Apple. And here is the reason.

From Pack Leader to Playing Catch-Up

iPhone redesign leak
With foldable phones and 5G capabilities right around the horizon, minor tweaks to the iPhone redesign won’t be enough to pull in more customers.

While rivals such as Samsung and Huawei are releasing designs that are not only impressive but notch-free, leaked iPhone images show the same old notch. Yes, the notch is coming back.

But notches are tolerable. So, rather than obsess over them, we could focus on things that actually matter like 5G support, right? Well, that’s not happening either.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has no plan of bringing 5G to iPhones in 2019. Meanwhile, several smartphones have announced their intention to release a 5G device within a couple of months.

On the bright side, you’ll still be able to take beautiful selfies and use iMessage.

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Prices Increase in a Saturated Market

iPhone redesign prices
Average iPhone prices are shooting skyward, and this is turning away plenty of customers. | Image via iMore

As expensive as the current iPhones are right now, you may have to pay more money for the 2019 models. Crazy as it sounds, it’s not Apple’s fault – at least not entirely.

Consumers now rely on their smartphones for virtually everything. In order to meet these high-performance requirements, tech companies are forced to increase the design quality as well as phone components.

These include larger storage and RAM and a bezel-free design with folding OLED displays. In other words, it costs more to make a smartphone now that it did seven years ago.

Combined with the over-saturated smartphone market, it’s no wonder that Apple must rely on the iPhone’s high price margin to make any profit. A survey shows that 80 percent of consumers in the United States prefer phones with a moderate price point.

Apple may offer its consumers various services, but a reasonable price point and a notch-free display have never been one of them.


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