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John Mueller Claims Google SEOs Have it Harder Than Others

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According to Google’s trend analyst, John Mueller, Google SEOs have it “harder than others.”

It all began when a user who hopes to one day work at Google in an SEO position started a Reddit thread. The user wanted to know what he or she needed to excel at such a role.

While the question received several responses, the answer from Google’s Mueller stood out for obvious reasons.

Mueller wrote that Google actually employs SEO specialists. He further explained that SEOs don’t have it easy in the tech company, and they may have it harder than their counterparts in other companies.

Muller’s response reads:

“We do have SEOs at Google :). Like any bigger company, it’s not easy to do SEO for our properties, but it is something that some of our products look into and try to do. I suspect our SEOs have it harder than others, but there’s not a lack of things to do.”

Considering the SEO specialist would be working in a company that writes search algorithms, one question comes to mind.

Why Do Google SEOs Have it Harder than Others?

Mueller didn’t explain why Google’s SEOs have it harder than their colleagues in other companies. And without an example to back it up, it feels like a bold claim.

Of course, the analyst could be referring to Google’s hiring process of search engine optimization experts. After all, he did share a link to SEO and SEO-related positions within the tech company.

And yes, the requirements are pretty steep.

For example, individuals looking to work as a Search Analyst within Google must have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, or a related discipline. Also, such a person must have years of experience in SEO, databases, and querying, as well as front-end development.

Mueller’s statement makes more sense when you consider these requirements. His argument could be that SEO specialists looking to join Google have it harder than SEOs looking to get hired by other companies.

Whatever the case may be, Mueller appears to have deleted his comment on the Reddit thread. However, the Search Engine Journal had the foresight to take a screenshot before the post disappeared.

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