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Key Trends That Affect Advertising Effectiveness in Australia

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A recent report has identified four key trends that affect advertising effectiveness in Australia.

Have you ever wondered what it means to advertise effectively? In other words, why do some ads work better than others?

These were the questions that a professional non-profit industry body in Australia, Communication Council sought to answer. So, they conducted a study.

The team studied 143 ad campaigns in 2018, including the 2019 Effie Awards, to gain an insight into the pattern and trend in advertising effectiveness in Australia.

The Effie’s Australia databank covers a wide range of campaign inputs such as objectives, business contexts, strategy, and media choices. Other data considered in the study include business effectiveness measures as well as brand measures.

Due to Australia’s low growth climate, the marketing budget is always at risk of being cut to meet the bottom-line target, says the report. And this could lead to lower revenue growth, which further causes less investment in marketing.

The report reads:

“This environment creates more pressure for marketers to prove the effectiveness of their investment and can lead to a shift in focus towards efficiency; however, the answer lies in understanding effectiveness.”

Here are the key takeaways from the study.

3 Key Trends that Affect Advertising Effectiveness in Australia

Broad Targeting

According to the report, broad targetting remains a practical advertising approach. It’s ideal for driving both business and brand effect.

That’s because of its ability to attract new customers, and in so doing, having a significant impact on brand profit growth.

Think Long Term

The report revealed that long term campaigns are more effective than short ones. This is especially true when you’re using it to drive business measures.

Whether we’re considering duration or evaluation, longer is more effective. Longer duration campaigns deliver stronger business effects, and a more extended evaluation period allows advertisers to see the brand and business effects. Meanwhile, shorter campaigns have a short-term impact.

In other words, it’s better to run a single longer campaign than do a series of concise campaigns of 8 weeks or less.

Emotion is Stronger Over the Long Term

Emotional campaigns are an effective way to impact long term market share growth, says the study. It’s also useful for building longer-term brand metrics related to the memory structure.

Since rational persuasion campaigns work best for attracting new customers, they are only useful for the short term.

Advertising experts, Rob Brittain and Peter Field wrote the report under the title: Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules.

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