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Lenovo Unveils The World’s First Folding Laptop

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Lenovo has just unveiled the world’s first folding laptop, and it has every tech enthusiast feeling excited about foldable displays again.

The prototype ThinkPad PC offers what we saw in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, but on a much bigger scale.

That means the folding laptop is neither an accessory nor a “make-do” computer like a tablet. Instead, the PC is part of a premium line of ThinkPad X1 brands that is set to be released in 2020.

So, why do you need a folding laptop? Mainly, portability.

Yes, folding displays are cool. But that aside, Lenovo simply wanted to take a regular sized ThinkPad and make it smaller. And that was what they did.

Users can fold the 13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display into the size of a handbook cover. While we don’t have an exact figure on the laptop’s weight yet, Lenovo says it’s less than two pounds.

That’s as much size and weight as a Harry Potter hardcover book.

Lenovo’s Folding Laptop: The Specs

Details of the laptop’s specification are still a bit sketchy at the moment. However, one thing is sure: the computer will run Windows on an Intel CPU.

Also, it could have cellular support. As for the RAM and battery life, Lenovo is yet to share that with the public.

The screen folds as advertised, and interacting with Windows via a touch interface is not so terrible. But, that’s where the magic ends.

According to the reports, the folding mechanism may not be sturdy enough.

The Verge reviewer, Chaim Gartenberg wrote: 

“Lenovo wouldn’t let us shoot close up pictures of how the hinge works, or what it looks like closed.”

This finally brings us to the elephant in the room; the folding display technology.

The World’s First Folding Laptop Still Raises The Same Concerns

Folding laptop
Image Credit: The Verge

Samsung’s controversy with the Galaxy Fold has cast a cloud over the folding display concept.

As far as durability is concerned, not only does the tech stir a feeling of distrust, but it may also appear unnecessarily ambitious.

However, Lenovo says that its folding ThinkPad would not experience any similar issues. According to reports, the company has some rigorous tests in place to ensure that the hinges work appropriately.

Besides, the laptop is launching in 2020. That’s plenty of time to iron out its kinks.

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