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London Bar Will use AI Scanner to Serve Customers in Proper Order

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Line cutting is a serious concern for anyone that has had to wait in line to get served at a crowded bar. But thanks to an advanced AI scanner, that’s about to change.

A data science company in the United Kingdom, Data SparQ has devised an exciting way of using artificial intelligence to address this issue. It involves using facial recognition technology to ensure that people queuing for drinks at a bar get served in the correct order.

A London-based bar will become the first in the world to use this technology.

How the Bar AI Scanner Works

The bar AI scanner called AI Bar determines where customers are on a queue using three parts: a display screen, a camera, and the DataSparQ’s software. Here’s how it all works.

The camera captures a live feed of people waiting for a drink and displays it on the screen. Then, the DataSparQ system analyzes the faces of the patron approaching the bar and places a number on each head. It also includes an estimated time until they can make their order.

With access to this information on an iPad, the bar staff would know who to serve.

Not only does this speed up serving time by three to five seconds per order, but the company also claims that it could help avoid arguments in bars. Also, the AI will flag customers that look below the drinking age, and notify the bar staff to ask for ID.

It ultimately ensures that everyone in line keeps their place, even if they momentarily walk away from the camera’s view. And at the end of every night, the system deletes user data locally and from the cloud.

The technology has been on trial in a London-based bar, 5cc Harrild & Sons, where locals reported benefiting from speedy serving time.

With that said, not everyone seems excited at the prospect of AI-powered bar service. Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch, a U.K non-profit focused on civil liberties, believes that we shouldn’t have to submit our faces to enjoy a drink.

In a statement to the Telegraph, Carlo said:

“It is a sad state of affairs when we can’t even enjoy a pint without being under AI monitoring. You might expect AI queue control… in China, but not in Britain.”

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