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May the Fourth be With YOU: 9 Best Star Wars Memes on the Web

Stefan Buttafoco |

Stefan Buttafoco |

Do you miss Carrie Fisher? So do we. Come celebrate May the Fourth with us by scrolling through our top 9 Star Wars memes.

Intro: Too Soon

It’s finally time! …for May the Fourth.

We won’t get to see The Last Jedi until December 2017. Our list will have to do for now…

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A Countdown of the top 9 Star Wars memes on the Internet to date and a tribute to Carrie Fisher and Gordon Drewe Henley (read ahead if you feel bad for not knowing who that is):

9. Bad Angle

Submitted by: Mrs. Norma Brooks from Murfreesboro

 Jabba The Hutt | Meme
Mrs. Norma Brooks from Murfreesboro |

8. Flashback


7. Job Interview for a job You’re Completely Overqualified for

Submitted on r/starwarsmemes by @samwise_137 by @samwise_137

6. Cats in SPACE!

Submitted by: Mrs. Norma Brooks from Murfreesboro

Because it’s not the internet without cats.

wookie Jabba The Hut Cat
Mrs. Norma Brooks |

5. Red Arm Effect

No, it’s not the Mandela Effect (Here’s what a Mandala Effect is if you don’t remember (see what I did there?)). At least we don’t think so.

If you haven’t read TFA Star Wars: C-3PO #1 by James Robinson, Tony Harris, and Joe Caramagna, then you probably don’t know that Threepio wears a mysterious red arm in honor of a droid who sacrificed himself for Threepio’s sake. Seems pretty vanilla, but it signifies a deep, existential conversation within C-3PO’s robot soul. Why do droids choose a side at all? How do they conceive of sacrifice?

Note: But this could just be a part of the random parts conspiracy, where Threepio is a savvy scavenger constantly updating himself with parts that “work.”

4. “The most anticipated origin history of Ep VII”

Reposted by @geekyushop:

@geekyushop |

3. Because We’ve all Been There…

Submitted by: Mrs. Norma Brooks from Murfreesboro

Especially if it’s one of Leia’s famous Bilbringi pies (which are stuffed with meat, cheese, and pepper).

Rest in Peace, Gordon “Drewe” Henley, who choked on a pie and died on Valentines’ Day.

1000 ideas about Jabba The
Mrs. Norma Brooks |

2. How Could you?

From Sizzle:


1. The Wind Cries Leia

Submitted here.

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