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Meta's Interactive AR Display Turns Your Cubicle Into a Future Desktop

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Meta Vision is reinventing desktops with its new AR display, called Workspace, which lets the user be a sort-of operating system.

Luckily for those of looking for augmented reality to really break big, certain startups have begun to offer their services to companies in order to enable them to incorporate augmented reality technologies into the full lifecycle of their products.

These startups want to position themselves as suppliers of AR as services ready to be implemented by companies that can easily access the benefits of this technology.

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For B2B, it is mainly marketing, AR solutions–like NewAer’s Kiosk, that enable businesses to replace their traditional printed brochures with interactive and innovative AR experiences to engage consumers and improve the brand image.

Meta Vision, at the Forefront of Augmented Reality

Based in Redwood City, San Francisco, Meta View, founded in 2012, is a start-up that develops AR solutions.

The startup attracted a dozen of investors, including some major companies and institutions–the likes of Dolby, Tencent, Y Combinator, Lenovo, and Comcast Ventures–which attests to their belief in AR potential as a whole, and Meta’s solutions in particular.

Last year, at TEDx 2016, the former Y-Combinator startup unveiled its futuristic AR headset, called Meta 2, for which the company had raised a total of $50 million in a second series investment round.

Meta 2 is available for developers to pre-order at $949 and is expected to start shipping to the public during this summer.

Meta Workspace: Futuristic AR Desktop

Earlier this month, Meta’s CEO and founder, Meron Gribetz, unveiled the new AR operating environment, Meta Workspace, at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, CA, which took home the “Best in Show AR” award.

Workspace boasts several features, including Airgrab, which allows users to grasp holograms with their hands and manipulate them within the AR space. The software was specially designed to work with Meta’s headset, Meta 2. Instead of a bunch of monitors, with Workspace the user has an all-in-one display that they can operate with natural hand gestures.

Also compatible with smartphones, via a dedicated app, Workspace allows the user to pull post-it notes, pictures, videos and any content and display them in the air.

Meta’s, and others to come, AR displays promise a life full of holographic interactivity. Maybe, in a not so distant future, you’ll have to be prepared for a deluge of augmented spam: invasive, omnipresent customer support agents, ads, and incentives wherever you go, like this poor girl in the video below.

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