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Microsoft Adds Cookie-Based Split Option to its Ads Experiment Feature

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Last July, Microsoft rolled out a campaign experiment feature to all its advertisers across the globe. And it quickly caught on for obvious reasons.

Advertisers who want to increase discoverability and maximize their campaign’s agility could now use the feature to improve their marketing strategies. The tool became especially useful as more internet users are currently searching for things online.

Thanks to campaign experiments, marketers can test out changes without fully launching them across the entire campaign. So, advertisers can have full confidence in their marketing strategies.

Now, Microsoft Ads has made campaign experiments even better by introducing a new cookiebased split option.

In a blog post announcement, executives from the company wrote:

“Finally, there’s the new Advanced options section where you can now select between two different options for setting up experiments: search-based and cookie-based.”

To understand how this new option works, we must consider the search-based experiments first.

The Search-Based Experiment Feature on Microsoft Ads

The search-based split option became available to advertisers when the experiment first rolled out last July.

If you choose this option, customers that search will either see ads from your experiment or your original campaign. In other words, individual customers can potentially ads from both sources if they search more than once.

As you can imagine, the search-based split option is excellent for testing specific features such as automated bidding tactics. This is especially true because the comparison is on the bidding in each search auction.

So, how is the new cookie-based experiment feature any different?

The Cookie-Based Split Option on Microsoft Ads

Unlike the search-based experiment, the new option allows the system to remember the versions they were shown.

If you select the cookie-based split option, an individual customer search will show ads from either your experiment or the original campaign. Microsoft can then use a cookie to ensure that the customer will only see ads from that campaign, moving forward.

According to Microsoft executives, the cookie-based split option is ideal for creative testing and ad copy. That’s because it ensures that an individual customer can only respond to either one source or another.

How can you access the cookie-based option on Microsoft Ad?

You’ll find the feature for cookie-based audience splits under the “Advanced Options” section.

From the Experiment tab, click on the “Create an Experiment” module and select the Campaign that you want to run the test. Next, name the campaign, specify the dates, and the percentage of the audience that should see the experiment.

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