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Microsoft Advertising Editor Gets new Look and Features

Grand Warszawski /

Grand Warszawski /

Microsoft advertising editor has not only gotten an upgrade in looks but additional feature support as well. The upgrade is coming just weeks after Google updated its ads editor.

According to the tech giant, the new modern design aligns with the principle of Microsoft Fluent – the simple, clean and modern, like other Microsoft products. That way, users can enjoy a seamless experience between devices and platforms.

The redesign also includes updated fonts, colors, and spacing. Microsoft says that the goal is to draw the users’ eyes to the things that matter.

While a refreshed look may sound exciting, adding some features to go with the looks is even better.

In a press release, senior program manager at Microsoft Advertising, Subha Harisaid:

“We hope these improvements help you accomplish a lot more and take your campaigns to the next level, especially during this holiday season. Check out the exciting changes coming your way.”

5 New Features of Microsoft Advertising Editor

Here are some unique features of the Microsoft advertising editor.

1. Advanced Searching and Filtering

Microsoft has replaced the pop-up dialog-based search with a simple search box. Now, users can quickly type their queries and narrow down the results.

Since the feature is currently in open beta, you must fill this form to have immediate access. Otherwise, you may have to wait a while.

2. Zipcode Targeting

In the past, advertisers have to rely on state-level targeting to reach more customers. Well, not anymore.

The new version of Microsoft advertising editor allows zip code targeting. That means you can serve ads directly to the audience in specific areas.

With more control over location targeting, not only will advertisers get an improved ad conversion rate, but they’ll enjoy better ROI too.

3. Responsive Search Ads

The editor now allows advertisers to create and manage responsive ads in bulk.

Aside from reducing the time spent creating multiple ad combinations, the new feature will enable marketers to serve the right ad at the right time. And this would result in better ad performance.

Like the advanced filtering feature, responsive search ads are currently available in open beta.

4. Undo/Redo

As you may have guessed, this feature allows you revert changed items to the original download state. It also will enable users to undo or redo their last actions on the Microsoft advertising editor.

5. Recommendations

Microsoft is introducing AI-powered recommendations to simplify the campaign optimization process. At the moment, advertisers can click to fix or dismiss five suggestions.

These include:

  • Add new keywords
  •  Fix campaigns that are limited by budget
  • Fix ad groups that don’t have any ads
  • Set estimated mainline bids
  • Fix ad groups that don’t have any keywords

However, more recommendations will come pop-up with a light-bulb icon over time. Also, this feature is in open beta. Fill out this form to participate.

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