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Microsoft and Apple Collaborate on New iCloud App For Windows

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Microsoft and Apple are working together to create a new iCloud app for Windows Operating System.

Windows has always supported iCloud. But, unlike Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s cloud storage and computing service app had been plagued with issues on the operating system.

Last fall, users that had iCloud on their PCs were unable to install the latest Windows 10 update. Although Apple eventually released a compatible update of its cloud storage app, most users still experienced slow sync speed and other issues.

Well, not anymore.

Thanks to a new collaboration between the tech giants, a new and better iCloud will now be available in Microsoft Store. Furthermore, it’ll come with a new sync feature that’s based on OneDrive’s Files On-Demand functionality.

That means, iPhone and iPad users can now access their files on a Windows 10 PC without fully syncing the computer.

At first, the app will only download a placeholder. But, when the user clicks on the file for access or marks a folder for sync, it will then download the entire content.

Other Features of the New iCloud App for Windows

Screenshot of the new iCloud app on a PC | Image Credit: Engadget

Aside from this neat file saving feature, the new iCloud app for Windows will also integrate into File Explorer within Windows 10. In addition, you’ll get separate folders for apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

With these features, the new app will let you access files directly from your PC. That means you can easily retrieve your videos, photos, calendar, mail, and other information from your iCloud account.

Conversely, PC users will be able to store files on iCloud directly from the File Explorer, then access them on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new iCloud for Windows app is the latest collaboration feature. Now you can edit your files on your PC, and they’ll sync across all your Apple devices.

Microsoft and Apple; An Unlikely Collaboration

Tech enthusiasts are surprised to see these two former rivals work together on a Windows app. The collaboration is even more surprising because Apple is using Microsoft’s latest Windows APIs for its iCloud.

However, it also encourages users to expect more similar alliance in the future. Perhaps PC users will have access to Apple’s TV and Music service, after all.

The new iCloud app is available for download in the Microsoft Store.

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