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Moz Announces Report Templates for Pro Customers

Image credit: Moz

Image credit: Moz

The Seattle-based SEO software company, Moz, has announced nine report templates that will enable its Pro customers to prove the impact of their effort to stakeholders.

For most SEO experts, improving websites’ visibility and organic traffic is the natural part. The real work comes when they have to communicate their work in a way that stakeholders will understand and appreciate.

SEO specialists often have to endure the tedious, complicated process of writing out a report describing the impact of their work. Unfortunately, these write-ups are rarely comprehensive nor easy to read.

That’s where Moz’s report templates come in. It simplifies reporting and provides a convenient way for SEOs to report search rankings, site crawl data, links, and even competitions to their clients.

What’s more, you can schedule the reports to be delivered to your client as often possible – daily, weekly, or monthly. And the client or stakeholder can access the report in PDF or CSV.

In a statement to the press, CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird said:

“Fast, easy, high-quality reporting is critical to the success of the SEO role. With this update, we’ve created an easy yet comprehensive reporting to replace the industry’s tedious, complicated, and highly manual process.”

Here’s what you should know about Moz’s new templates.

Nine Report Templates for Moz Pro Customers

The new templates include Competitive Analysis Overview, Full Competitive Analysis, Campaign Overview, Link Analysis, and Rankings Analysis. There are also templates for Ranking Opportunities, Full Site Audit, Quick Site Audit, and Search Visibility.

As said earlier, the report templates are only available for Moz Pro customers. Whether you’re on the standard, medium, large, or premium plan, you’ll have access to the nine reporting templates.

Moz released a mini guide to SEO reporting to support the reporting process. Along with teaching how to communicate on individual elements of SEO strategies, the guide also highlights how to build a relationship with clients.

Also, SEO experts will know the best practices to bring all value metrics together for overall ROI.

Not only do we believe marketers will be thrilled with the results, but SEO professionals and agencies now have a quick and high impact way to demonstrate the impact of their work,” says Bird.

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