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New Smart Gaming Glove Gives Users More Control

National University of Singapore /  NUS researchers develop new smart gaming glove

National University of Singapore / NUS researchers develop new smart gaming glove

The idea of controlling a video game using your hands is not entirely new.

However, the current generation of smart gaming gloves is bulky and rigid. And that’s because they rely on conventional sensors that raise weight and flexibility issues.

That’s where the InfinityGlove comes in. Researchers from the National University of Singapore have created the new gaming glove to address existing problems with weight and flexibility.

The team weaved ultra-thin, highly sensitive microfiber sensors into the material of the glove. Besides being lightweight and accurate, the sensors also serve the same purpose as wires. That way, there was no need for more wiring.

At the moment, the prototype only weighs about 40 grams; it’s flexible and comfortable.

The network of sensors in the glove can interface with game software to produce an accurate 3D position of moving hands. It then maps various gestures into specific inputs that are found in regular controllers.

Currently, the team has mapped a total of 11 inputs and commands, which will enable users to play games such as Battlefield V.

Here’s how it works.

Developing a Microfibre Sensor Technology for Gaming Glove

Back in 2017, the researchers developed a microfiber sensor that was used for measuring pulse and bandage pressure. Since then, they’ve adapted the technology to improve strain sensing in smart gloves.

According to the team, the sensor uses electrical signals to translate the gestures into command inputs. What’s more, the input speed is almost the same as pressing a button on the keyboard.

In a statement about the project, Director of the NUS Institute for Health Innovation & Technology, Lim Chwee Teck said:

“We envision that gesture-based control using our lightweight smart gloves can bring us one step closer to a truly immersive interface between humans and machines.”

Other applications for the InfinityGlove include hand rehabilitation for patients.

Gamification motivates patients to use their hand exercise regiment through immersive play. At the same time, health professionals can track the progress of their patient’s joint movement.

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