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New Tesla Racing Game Uses Car’s Actual Steering Wheel

New Tesla racing game 'Beach Racing Buggy 2' | E3

New Tesla racing game 'Beach Racing Buggy 2' | E3

Playing games in your car using a controller is a novel idea, but Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has an even better idea with the upcoming Tesla racing game.

Every once in a while, Tesla throws in a new video game into its vehicles’ infotainment system for the sake of adults that may want play games in the car. But the latest addition took it a step further.

On Thursday, Musk announced the addition of 2018 mobile racing game “Beach Buggy Racing 2” to Teslas.

Now, here’s the exciting part. Instead of driving the virtual vehicles using the traditional controllers, Tesla is letting you use your car’s actual steering wheel and brakes.

That’s right. You can control the virtual car on your infotainment system within the comfort of your stationary Tesla’s car seat.

The CEO revealed the news during a sit down with the director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, and video game journalist, Geoff Keighley at the E3 in Los Angeles.

The trio was discussing artificial intelligence, video games, and colonizing space when he dropped a hint on his company’s video game-related plans.

While showing footage of a player turning a Tesla steering wheel to the game, Musk said:

“I mean, if you have a racing game and you have a steering wheel… it’s sitting right there, waiting to be steered.”

How Safe is the New Tesla Racing Game?

Musk said that stepping on your Tesla’s break when you’re stationary is safe. However, he did reveal that the gameplay would not involve the car’s gas pedal.

According to the CEO, it’s a safety measure to ensure the fun game doesn’t take a turn for the worse.

Musk noted:

“The brake is wired in. And I think we’ll probably have the scroll wheel for the gas pedal just so somebody doesn’t accidentally…”

Launch themselves,” Howard said, finishing the grim but reasonable thought.

Musk did not say when the new Tesla Racing game will hit the system.

Aside from the previously announced addition, Cuphead, Teslas currently have other playable Atari games. Note that the auto company did not dedicate this gaming feature for kids.

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