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How to get Online Traffic that Converts

Antonio Guillem |

Antonio Guillem |

Alexander De Ridder, Co-Founder and CTO at Edgy Labs (and avid Quora specialist) seriously knows SEO strategy. Today, he shares his top techniques for traffic conversion with the Edgy Labs Universe.

How do I convert traffic?” Is a popular question among bloggers, marketing gurus, and early tech adopters alike.

This article will give you the insight necessary to gain online traffic that converts into desired actions, be it sales, newsletter registrations, or simply gaining a larger, more engaged audience.

Online Traffic that Converts is built with Content Relevant to your Audience

The #1 way to build relevant traffic, is to provide value for your audience. Valuable content is shared and ranks higher than any other content.

You can create relevant content by:

Publishing content that is informative and aligned with the goals and objectives of your website.

Following the 12 Viral Principles, we discuss on our site when creating content.

Verifying your copy so that it is just as readable as it is persuasive, entertaining, controversial, etc. Online traffic that converts isn’t some trick. It takes hard work.

How do I know my Content is ready for Optimization?

Valuable content makes search engines rank you higher for additional keywords that your audience searches for. This, in turn, generates more traffic.

Once you have relevant traffic, you can optimize your page for your target “buyer persona”.

This is called conversion rate optimization (CRO). Simply put, conversion rate optimization transforms relevant traffic into measurable growth.

What are the Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization?

The benefits of conversion rate optimization will help you turn “lurkers” into successful conversions.

Better Customer Understanding: The primary goal of CRO is to help you understand your clients and their needs. The ultimate product of CRO is a better user experience.

Return of Investment: CRO improves access to your target market.

Business Growth: The results of CRO turn your visitors into buyers and subscribers.

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What’s Split Testing?

CRO can be known as “split testing.” In split testing, you carry out special tests to improve your website. These tests are carried out on parts of a site where goals can be measured.

Examples of website elements that can be split tested:

  • Menus, forms, and buttons
  • Headlines and descriptions
  • Pictures and videos
  • Calls to action
  • Registration pages
  • Signup forms

For example, Content Verve performed a split test to figure out which button will appeal more to visitors.

You can see that the changes made to the button, specifically the color and style, generated a 35.81% increase in conversion rate.

Tools and Resources for Traffic Conversion

Here are some of the most popular split testing tools to help you start doing CRO:

Do you need help improving your site metrics? Get in touch with us.

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