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OpenAI Makes its Fake News Bot Accessible to All



In February 2019, the non-profit AI research group, OpenAI, developed a fake news bot called GPT-2. The algorithm could compose believable false news and fictional stories within mere seconds.

At the time, the bot was a massive leap for technology. On the other hand, it was also a step back in the fight against fake news. So, its developers deemed it too dangerous for the world.

As a result, GPT-2 was never available for public consumption.

Nine months down the line, OpenAI has changed its mind. In a recent announcement, the AI research group said that users can now download the full model.

The announcement reads:

“As the final model release of GPT-2’s staged release, we’re releasing the largest version of GPT-2 along with code and model weights to facilitate detection of outputs of GPT-2 models.”

Simply put, the fake news bot is now available for the public.

GPT-2: An Incredibly Good Fake News Bot on the Loose

Initially, OpenAI designed the GPT-2 to produce summaries and translations from text input. However, the researchers soon noticed that the algorithm could create a narrative from fraudulent stories.

Not only was its stories believable, but GPT-2 goes as far as inventing studies, quoting experts, and statistics to support the false information. A study at Cornell University revealed that humans find the algorithm’s output convincing.

Also, OpenAI states that detecting GPT-2 material can be challenging. In a test, the best method could only identify 95 percent of the algorithm-generated text.

According to the research group, that’s not high enough for a completely automated process.

As scary as GPT-2’s ability to generate fake news is, the more frightening part is the speed at which it writes the false story. The fake news bot can create a story in seconds, and with a specific bias.

So, why is OpenAI making the fake news bot available to the public?

We’re not entirely sure. The AI research group appears to be releasing the GPT-2 as a tool for creating more powerful models in the future.

We hope that this test case will be useful to developers of future powerful models. And we’re actively continuing the conversation with the AI community on responsible publication,” OpenAI says.

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