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New Orbis Ring-Wheel can Turn Any Vehicle Hybrid

The Orbis Wheel can be applied to any vehicle, and turns any vehicle into a hybrid. | Image via Orbis

The Orbis Wheel can be applied to any vehicle, and turns any vehicle into a hybrid. | Image via Orbis

What if you could make your Electric Hybrid Honda Civic vehicle more powerful than a Ford Mustang, an Audi S8, or a Chevrolet Camaro? With this new technology from Orbis, this dream is now a reality.

Not only does the newly patented Orbis ring-wheel technology add as much as 70 hp to each wheel on the vehicle, but it also improves fuel economy too. The technology also comes with a bonus of enhanced battery charging as well as regenerative braking.

Let’s slow down a little and take it from the top.

What is the Orbis Ring-Wheel?

Orbis CEO Marcus Hays worked with co-inventor Scott Streeter for five years to develop an electric motor that can be attached to car wheels. The duo patented the technology and named it the Ring-Wheel system.

According to the company brochure, the technology divides a wheel cog into two essential parts; a stationary hub and a rim or “ring.” Driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor, the ring rotates about the fixed hub.

orbis ring-wheel technology
Image via Orbis

Marcus Hays explains that the ring drive is more efficient than a powertrain in which the electric motors powers an axle.

Not only does it reduce the vehicle weight by 40 percent but it also increases the driveline complexity by as much as 75 percent. With all that said, what advantage does the ring-wheel system offer?

Advantages of the Orbis Ring-Wheel Technology

As said earlier, the ring-wheel increases the vehicle’s horsepower by 70 hp. In addition to this, it also reduces braking force by 30 percent. But, that’s not all the ring-wheel system reduces. The technology decreases the moment of inertia as well as un-sprung weight too.

One interesting thing about this technology is the various options it offers. Users can bolt it to any chassis, regardless of the vehicle class, weight, or size.

For example, a Honda Civic Type R prototype, fitted with two ring drives on the rear wheel was on display at the SAE World Congress Experience. Together, the rear wheels produce about 140 hp, while the front wheel – powered by the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine – retains its 306 hp.

“We’re effectively creating a bolt-on hybrid system,” Hays said. That’s right, attaching the ring-wheel to the regular gas-consuming vehicle would turn it into a hybrid.

There’s just one downside; the horsepower boost that this technology provides is not cheap. According to the company, you have to pay as much as $10,000 to install it in your car.

Although the Orbis’ CEO believes that the Ring Wheel has military and robotic applications, the company is yet to secure any contract with the U.S. Army or other automakers.

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