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Meet The World's First AI-Powered Personal On-Board Cruise Assistant

Image via MSC Cruises

Image via MSC Cruises

Meet the world’s first personal onboard cruise assistant that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence.

On the 2nd of March, Sophia Loren will launch MSC Bellissima in Southampton and passengers are expected to meet its latest crew member, Zoe. In case you’re wondering, Zoe is not human. Rather, it’s a voice-activated digital assistant, a first in the cruise industry.

Powered by AI, not only can Zoe speak seven languages, but the digital assistant can also answer over 800 FAQs. Whether it’s information about onboard services or suggestions for activities, Zoe can provide thousands of different variants for every query.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the personal onboard cruise assistant is user-friendliness. You simply have to say the phrase; “OK Zoe” and it’ll be ready to help.

Created from a union between Samsung Electronics and HARMAN, Zoe can interact with in-cabin TVs to assist passengers. Also, you can connect your phone to the personal assistant via Bluetooth to access your podcast and music library.

So, have we finally reached the age when artificial intelligence can take the place of crews on cruise ships? No, we’re not there yet.

Although Zoe may work round the clock, MSC Cruises emphasizes that the digital cruise assistant is not designed to replace human interaction between crew and guests. Instead, it’s supposed to offer convenient access to information and a flexible means of communication.

In a statement to The Telegraph, CEO of MSC Cruises, Gianni Onorato said;

“This was just the starting point in providing a connected cruise experience. There was a core guest need to be met, which was to find answers to common questions quickly and easily, enabling guests to make the most of their holiday.”

While this is the first time a digital assistant will be helping out on a cruise ship, using AI is not new. Various robots have enjoyed the privilege of serving on a cruise ship on the past.

In 2016, Costa Cruises unveiled a life-sized humanoid robot called Pepper, which had tactile sensors and HD cameras for reading and understanding human feelings.

But as a virtual assistant, Zoe provides an opportunity for the cruise industry to customize and personalize their guest’s experiences more than ever before.

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