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Raspberry Pi 4 Hit Stores With Faster CPU and 4K Support, Still $35

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

The United Kingdom-based Raspberry Pi Foundation just released the latest version of its small single-board computer that supports 4K and has faster CPU.

Raspberry Pi has become one of the cheapest ways to power a custom creation. Whether it’s a small gadget or a cleverly hacked device, tech enthusiast’s tinkering almost always involves this computer.

But, the tiny computer is about to get even more powerful.

The latest version, Raspberry Pi 4, comes with significant upgrades that rival that of an incredibly cheap desktop computer.

For $35, you would get a Broadcom 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A72 quad-core processor and an upgradeable 1 GB LPDDR4 RAM. You can increase to 2GB or 4GB for $45 and $55 respectively.

While the specification is not adequate for video editing, Photoshop, or gaming, it can easily handle light web browsing and email.

Other Features of the Raspberry Pi 4

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Image Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation

Unlike the previous Raspberry PI which had a standard sized HDMI, the new one comes with a pair of micro HDMI ports.

Using these ports, the computer can power a pair of 4k displays at 30fps. Another option is to use a single 4k display at 60fps – thanks to Eric Anholt’s Mesa V3D graphics driver.

Aside from the micro HDMI, other ports include a pair of USB 2.0, a pair of USB 3.0, and a power only USB-C port to replace micro USB.

Like the previous version of the computer, the Raspberry Pi 4 has the wireless front covered. It comes with an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 and now supports wifi dual-band 802.11ac.

Raspberry Pi Foundation started as a way to provide tools for tinkerers and teach people how computers work. However, the machine has become an essential tool for industrial applications.

Although the latest version of the computer was designed with the business customers in mind, education is still part of the company’s focus.

In an interview with the Next Web, Raspberry Pi founder, Eben Upton said:

“What’s changed with Raspberry Pi 4 is that in addition to being a device for learning about computing, it’s also much more suitable than its predecessors for use as a general-purpose classroom computer.”

To that effect, the Raspberry Pi 4’s operating system will also come with an OS upgrade.

The tiny computer has always being a tool for hackers, tinkerers, and hobbyist. However, with the upgrade, it may have finally graduated into a basic desktop machine.

Whether it’ll be able to run Windows 10 S like similar barebone systems is still unknown.

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