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Samsung's Teases Foldable Smartphone In Another Video

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According to a teaser video that Samsung released earlier today, the Samsung’s San Fransisco event is where the “future unfolds” this February. If the ad is anything to go by, we should expect an announcement or (fingers crossed) unveiling of the foldable smartphone at the event.

The Race to Create Foldable Smartphones

The race to create foldable smartphones started with the evolution of phone screens into flexible OLED displays. However, we didn’t see a foldable device until November 2018, on the stage of Samsung’s Developer Conference.

Unfortunately, Samsung shrouded the device in darkness, so we could not tell exactly what it looked like. Be that as it may, we are confident that it’s foldable.

With the unveiling or announcement of the smartphone at the Unpack event, we should catch a glimpse of the design and its specification.

While Samsung may be the first to showcase a foldable device, the company wasn’t the first to release one. That honor belongs to a less known company – Royole.

Royole’s Flexpai | Cnet

Perhaps in an attempt to beat Samsung to the market, Royole unveiled its foldable Flexpai during this year’s CES. As impressive as the Royole Flexpai looks, the novelty wears off quickly.

Do We Really Need a Foldable Phone?

On the surface, foldable smartphones sound and look like a gimmick. This is especially true with the Flexpai. However, it offers a couple of benefits over the conventional display.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, a flexible display may be more durable than the conventional ones. That’s right, say goodbye to protective screens and ugly phone cases.

Also, Google is developing an Android version that’ll take advantage of the folding screen and offer (possibly) more features than the regular Android. Even Microsoft is preparing for the coming of foldable Windows 10 devices too.

In a nutshell, foldable displays may be the big thing we’ve all been waiting for – the solution to the oversaturated smartphone market. On the other hand, it could also fade away as the hype reduces.

Whatever the case may be, we can’t wait to see Samsung’s foldable smartphone and its foldable Android version.

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