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Samsung Imagines the World 50 Years From Now

Preechar Bowonkitwanchai /

Preechar Bowonkitwanchai /

Last September, Electronics company Samsung has launched a new experience space, called Samsung KX, at Coal Drops Yard in London.

Samsung KX features the whole Samsung technology ecosystem. A place powered by the company technologies that come together to deliver a single harmonious experience.

To mark the event, Samsung has asked six eminent futurists and scientists to imagine life 50 years from now. The report, Samsung KX50: The Future in Focus, predicts the changes scientific advances would bring to health, transport, entertainment, and food over the next 50 years.

How the World Would be Like 50 Years From Now

In 2069, the way we live, eat, work, and travel would have changed immensely, according to the authors of the report.

Here are some of the report’s highlights:

Travel and Transport

Travel and transport 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung
Travel and transport 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung

Driving yourself could become illegal, except on closed recreational circuits. But that’s only a small detail when it comes to transport and infrastructure in the future.

  • Aquatic superhighways: Subsonic tube travel system using pods.
  • Air taxis and buses: Drones will take passengers through the airspace to avoid traffic congestion and waterways.
  • Rocket travel in Space: Reusable rockets will be used for longer distances, like international city-to-city. Speeds would reach 20,000 miles per hour.

Healthcare and Nutrition

Health and nutrition
Health and nutrition 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung

Climate change and overpopulation would bring significant changes to diets.

  • Insect-based diet: Insects will become a staple food and one of the primary protein sources. Prepare your tasting buds for insect burgers, fried locusts, and worm kebab.
  • Synthetic food: Some food ingredients will be produced at home, and they’ll be indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Exotic ingredients: Because of global warming, tropical fruits, vegetables, and other heat-resistant grains will become more available.
  • Virtual companions and caregivers: Digital companions will keep an eye on our health and encourage us to make the necessary changes.
  • 3D printed organs: People whose organs have sustained damage beyond repair can have compatible organs 3D-printed for them. They can even exceed natural organs in quality.

Homes and Cities

Homes and cities 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung
Homes and cities 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung
  • Cities: People could be living in climate-controlled large towns enclosed in domes.
  • Homes: Thanks to robotics and AI technologies, houses will be smart, energy positive, and self-cleaning ability.
  • Cityskape: Hydroponics would transform concrete skyscrapers into lush structures that generate their food supply.

Work and Leisure

work and leisure
Work and leisure 50 years from now as imagined by Samsung
  • Workplace: Most of the work will be conducted passively in front of a screen or via virtual reality technology.
  • Space holidays: Space hotels around the Moon or other planets, generating their gravity, will receive tourists. Later, domed structures on the ground would
  • Aerial sports: Teams will compete in Quidditch-style 4D sports matches.
  • Interactive movies and video games: At home, special haptic suits will allow people to use all their senses to enjoy the film or video game physically.

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