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Samsung's Patent Teases a Rollable Smartphone Design

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Samsung recently filed a patent for rollable smartphone design, and online tech enthusiasts are crazy about it.

To put it mildly, the Galaxy Fold was a disaster. After delaying the release for months, it appears Samsung has finally given up on the folding smartphone.

With that said, the company is not done innovating.

In the words of Sam Rutherford:

“If you thought Samsung’s early troubles with the Galaxy Fold was going to scare it away from making more phones with foldable screens in the future, think again.”

According to a recently discovered patent filing with the World Intellectual Property Office, Samsung intends to create rollable phones.

Samsung's patent revealed a rollable smartphone design
Image Credit: PhoneArena

Samsung’s Rollable Smartphone Design

The patent, which was published on the 6 June 2019 describes a smartphone with a flexible display. Users can easily roll it out to create an extra large screen real estate.

Describing the phone, David Richards of ChannelNews said:

“While the images show off a phone that appears fairly traditional at first glance, a closer look reveals it’s actually hiding a secret rollable display inside.”

Instead of a screen that folds at the middle – like the Galaxy Fold, the patent reveals a display with two internal rollers that roll up inside the body. This gives the device an odd form factor in portrait mode.

Rollable Smartphone Design
Samsung Galaxy Roll | Image Credit: Digital Trends

With the weird folding mechanism of the Galaxy Fold, you have to be wondering how the rolling experience would work.

According to BGR, Samsung placed a slider system at the phone’s core. That way, users can roll out an extra display that could offer at least a 60 percent increase in surface area.

Samsung may have placed the extendable display within a housing to protect it from external scratches and damages. To bring the screen out of its protective casing, users have to press a side button to activate a semi-automatic or automatic sliding system mechanism. Of course, it could also be a manual mechanism.

Aside from the rolling mechanism, the patent also revealed the multiple lenses camera system and an LED indicator at the receiver.

Samsung Galaxy Roll; Real or Just a Pipe Dream?

The Samsung Galaxy Roll – as tech enthusiasts are calling it – offers the same advantages as the Galaxy Fold. You’ll have a portable phone that unfolds, or in this case, unrolls into a tablet.

With this form factor, users can enjoy more features and additional functionalities without the extra weight or size.

However, most consumers are yet to wrap their heads around a foldable phone. So, creating a rollable form factor may be pushing it a bit too far.

With that said, Samsung may not use the rollable smartphone design in the nearest future. Instead, the company could explore the idea to create other electronic products.

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