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Samsung Finishes Redesigning Galaxy Fold in Time for the Holidays

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The second time is a charm. After two months of redesign, the Samsung Galaxy Fold could make it to the market in time for the holiday season.

Earlier in the year, Samsung released an early version of its folding phone to reviewers. While the technology was no doubt impressive, it was plagued with problems. Various reviewers reported issues with the device’s screen within two days of use.

As a result, not only did Samsung canceled the April 26 launch date of the device, but the company didn’t state a new release date. To make matters worse, it canceled the pre-orders of the galaxy fold, leading tech enthusiasts to believe that the company had abandoned the project.

But, that may not be the case.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, the South Korean tech giant is currently in the final stage of producing a commercial version of the Galaxy Fold. While there’s no exact release date yet, Bloomberg speculates that it could make its big debut before the holiday seasons.

So, what are the new improvements in the Galaxy Fold?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Redesign: It’s All About the Protective Film

As you can imagine, Samsung completely redesigned the protective film on the screen.

Rather than keep it where users would be tempted to peel it off, the smartphone makers reportedly stretched the film to wrap around the screen. That way, users won’t be able to yank it off by hand.

Samsung also re-engineered the hinge mechanism to stretch the film further when the phone opens. With the tension produced, the film looks less like a detachable accessory and more like part of the device. So, no more visible crease at the middle of the screen.

After the embarrassing failure of the test units, Samsung is keen on salvaging its reputation. With this in mind, it seems the phone maker is delaying the launch date to ensure the product works this time.

That means, the Galaxy Fold is unlikely to show up at the August 7 Unpack Event in New York.

Is Folding Technology Finally Ready?

Samsung has never shied away from experimenting. If recent patents are anything to go by, the company would release a rollable smartphone within a couple of years.

There’s just one thing.

Whether Samsung perfects the folding phone or not, the earlier failure has raised questions about this cutting-edge form factor. The market may never be ready for a folding phone again.

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