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Standard Delivery To Become the Default on All Google Ads Campaign

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All Google Ads campaigns will now be using an improved standard delivery starting from May 2020.

Your ad delivery method determines how often your Google Ads will show your ads in a day. And this, in turn, determines your daily budget.

There were two delivery methods – the standard and accelerated – until recently. In October 2019, Google announced that publishers would no longer have access to accelerated budget delivery. In other words, Standard delivery would be the only delivery method on Google Ads.

Since then, the company has been migrating ad campaigns into the delivery method. It started with Search and Shopping campaigns last October.

Following up on the previous announcement, Google Ads is now migrating the other campaigns too.

In a recent post, Product Manager of Google Ads, Ramil Sobti, wrote:

“… starting April 2020, Standard delivery will be the only ad delivery method for any new Display, Video, App, and Hotel campaigns.”

That means Accelerated delivery would no longer be available. So, starting in May 2020, Google Ads will automatically switch all existing Display, Video, App, and Hotel campaigns.

Now you’re wondering:

Why Is Google Switching All Campaigns to Standard Delivery?

Standard delivery considers the expected ad performance throughout the day. And this makes it suitable for all campaigns, says Google.

Also, the tech company points out that accelerated delivery is less optimized. So, rather than help with better utilization of budgets, publishers may see a higher than average cost per click.

Sobti noted:

… for campaigns that are limited by budget, [accelerated delivery] can increase CPCs due to increased competition early in the day, or unintentionally spend most of your budget in earlier time zones. Alternatively, Standard delivery takes into account expected ad performance throughout the day and is better at maximizing performance within your daily budget. “

Finally, Google recommends using ad scheduling to manage ads that are delivered throughout the day. The feature allows publishers to increase or decrease their bids.

Also, marketers that want to maximize performance within specific budgets are to use Maximize conversion value, Maximize conversion, or Maximize clicks.

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    Shivam Dayani February 01 at 12:44 pm GMT

    Regarding the Google Ads Campaign, even I’ve also noticed that the default method is changed to Standard.

    Mihir Soni
    Digital Marketing Intern

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