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Street Fighter 2 Unites Nicki Minaj and Augmented Reality

Street Fighter 2 Unites Nicki Minaj and Augmented Reality

Many people know about the popular fighting game Street Fighter. In its long history, there have been some strange developments along the way. We’ll talk about the latest development here.

Video games are part of mainstream culture. Yet, when Street Fighter debuted in 1987, this wasn’t the case.

Owner of the Street Fighter franchise, Capcom, continues to see an immense response from fans–both competitive and casual. Even famous rap artists referenced Street Fighter characters this year.

What’s the latest news on one of the biggest fighting game franchises of all time?

Nicki Minaj Attempts a Street Fighter Reference

Like many latchkey kids, I grew up with a few quarters and access to arcades. Along with Cruisin’ World and Hydro Thunder, Street Fighter featured weekly in my routine.

Much like fellow fighting game Killer Instinct, Street Fighter offers only one female character. Chun-Li, known for her signature hairstyle and “thicc” thighs, first appeared in Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior.

Another character, M. Bison, killed her father, prompting Li to abandon her role as an Interpol officer. She pursued revenge on Bison, widely regarded as “the bad guy” in Street Fighter. The guy is a self-proclaimed dictator, after all.

Artist Nicki Minaj likens herself to Li on her latest album, but she references Li as a “villain” in her lyrics. Given Li’s backstory, many listeners questioned Minaj’s knowledge of Street Fighter.

At any rate, it is cool to see renewed fervor for the series. And, more importantly, there is now a Street Fighter augmented reality app available to play.

The Street Fighter AR app for IRL Gaming

How many of us wanted to deliver a real-life “Hadouken” when we were kids? Abhishek Singh created a new Street Fighter augmented reality app and you can kind of do that.

You can challenge other players and, in various parts of your environment, Street Fighter characters can challenge each other.

You can select all of your favorites from the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, and more. The in-game characters walk, punch, jump, kick, and celebrate their victories. They can even interact with objects you place into the environment.

Singh used the Unity engine to develop the AR app, along with ARKit from Apple. AR apps were made famous by the likes of Niantic, but ARKit and ARCore (from Google) have now democratized the development of these apps. For another good example, the AR app Artopia also debuted this year, as well.

But this isn’t the first AR app Singh introduced to the world either.

He produced a Super Mario AR experience, a Laser Cat experience, and lots of other cool stuff. I personally won’t be trying out the Ring AR, but that’s available, too.

Play Street Fighter 2 CE in Your Browser

Unfortunately, if you want the classic Street Fighter 2 experience, you might still have to play the arcade game. But you can play something that’s close to the original Street Fighter 2 as long as you have a computer with a browser.

Some of you reading this know about the Super Mario browser emulator.

You can play a browser version of the game on Classic Reload. Just like with the arcade version, the players have combo moves you execute my pressing certain buttons in a certain order.

You do need to have Flash enabled or installed to play, but give it a shot. You’ll have Blanka using Electric Thunder in no time.

Which character is your favorite from the Street Fighter franchise?

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