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TCL Teases New Foldable Tech Amid Samsung Leak

Korosi Francois-Zoltan /

Korosi Francois-Zoltan /

Recently, an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S10 launched in Norway ahead of the February 20th scheduled reveal. It showed off many features and updates, but it sparks questions about the timeline of information amid a string of “leaks”.

In the same timeframe, however, Chinese competitor TCL announced plans for their new line of smart devices. This includes a direct competitor to Samsung’s famed folding tablet/smartphone hybrid.

Ad Doesn’t Surprise Ahead of Full Reveal Later Today

The ad confirms many features users suspected including integrated display fingerprint technology. The commercial also shows off what looks like an amazing and colorful edge-to-edge screen and a pair of wireless earbuds.

In tandem with other recent “leaks“, one begins to wonder if this isn’t all some marketing ploy. You can watch the full Livestream reveal at 2 PM EST/1 PM CST/11 AM PST today. There will also be Twitter users following and live-tweeting, as well.

The real questions will be if Samsung reveals any more information about their foldable hybrid device during the event, as well.

Another Competitor in the Foldable Tech Arena

Though TCL makes affordable televisions, they also make phones under the brands Alcatel and Blackberry. Yes — the OG, but ill-fated business-oriented “smartphone” that was all the rate in the 2000s, but has since fallen out of favor.

Though it’s unclear if TCL will launch them under one of these brands instead, CNET obtained documents showcasing many plans for new smart devices. These all have unique and varying dimensions and designs as seen in the photo above.

Perhaps most intriguing is the one on the far right: a slimmer smartphone that folds into a watch.

Keep in mind that these images are most-likely just proofs of concept as opposed to in-production prototypes. TCL could alter or eliminate these plans altogether. As such, there is no way to predict when the devices would become available for purchase exactly.

However, TCL has said previously that they plan to launch their first foldable tech by 2020. We shall see if these preliminary designs make it through the production process.

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