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Tesla To Unveil Its Model Y Next Week

Christopher Lyzcen /

Christopher Lyzcen /

Tesla made a big announcement on Twitter earlier this week. According to CEO, Elon Musk, the auto-company intends to unveil its long-awaited Model Y on March 14 at its Design Studio in Los Angeles.

The first mention of Tesla’s Model Y was in 2015 when the CEO tweeted about an intermediary crossover SUV. At the time, Musk wrote that the vehicle would be larger than a Model 3, but smaller than a Model X. Also, it was supposed to have falcon-winged doors.

However, Musk’s Sunday Tweet suggests that Model Y will feature regular doors.

Aside from the “normal” door, here is everything you should know about Tesla’s Model Y.

Bigger Size, Higher Price Tag, But Lower Range

While the 2015 tweet about wing doors may have been a fantasy, the size of the upcoming SUV is not. Recent reports reveal that the Model Y will be about 10 percent bigger than the Model 3.

As exciting as this sounds, it comes with two significant downsides – a higher price tag and lower range.

Although the Model Y is expected to be cheaper than the Model X SUV, the CEO hinted that it’d cost 10 percent more than the Model 3. Adding Tesla’s $1,200 documentation and delivery fee, the new SUV’s estimated price tag is $39,700.

According to Musk, the Model Y will feature the same battery as the Model 3. Since the vehicle is reportedly bigger and heavier, its range will be affected. Compared with the model S, the long-awaited SUV could lose about 12 percent in range.

With that said; it’s also expected to share other similarities with the Model 3. In a letter to shareholders, the CEO revealed that the new car would not only share 75 percent of its components with the Model 3, but it’ll also be built on the same platform.

If the thought of seeing the new Tesla Model Y doesn’t excite you, perhaps the idea of driving it will.

Aside from unveiling the vehicle, Musk also announced that the event would include test rides in the newest Tesla vehicle.

With an estimated demand of 1 million per year, the crossover SUV could become more popular than the Model 3.

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