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Tesla To Demonstrate Full Self-Driving Capabilities This Month

This new upgrade would make all future Tesla's with the Autopilot Hardware 3.0 upgrade fully autonomous. ¦ Tesla

This new upgrade would make all future Tesla's with the Autopilot Hardware 3.0 upgrade fully autonomous. ¦ Tesla

Tesla is ready to put on a show for its investors, and you’re all invited to watch.

In a statement to the press, the auto company said that its new self-driving computer –  the Autopilot Hardware 3.0 upgrade – was now in production. And, later this month, Tesla intends to hold a demonstration to show its investors and the world what the new computer can do.

It all began last October when Elon Musk announced in a tweet that his company was working on a new AI chip to be released in six months. The chip, which would be released in the Autopilot Hardware 3.0 computer upgrade, would bring full self-driving capabilities to its vehicles, Musk said.

Before the tweet, Tesla’s chip architect in charge of the project, Pete Bannon, had already discussed the manufacturing effort of the Autopilot Hardware 3 computer. Bannon said that the company should start production around the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Making good on that promise, a few days before the end of the quarter, Tesla announced that the new computer was now in production.

The company wrote in a press release:

“Tesla is making significant progress in the development of its autonomous driving software and hardware, including our FSD computer, which is currently in production and which will enable full-self driving via future over-the-air software updates.”

Owners of Tesla vehicles with the autonomous driving software are expected to receive the upgrade from free over-the-air.

Tesla’s Investor Day

In another press release shared on Wednesday, the auto company announced its plans to host an “Investor Day” on April 19.

The event, which is expected to take place at its Palo Alto headquarters, will provide details about Tesla’s self-driving technology. It also includes a road map presentation to give investors an insight into the technology’s future.

Finally, the investors would get a chance to test drive vehicles spotting the latest Autopilot feature, including those that are still under active development.

Tesla is presenting the event for investors. But, since it’ll be webcast, you’re welcome to watch.

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    Isaac Hesson April 05 at 9:59 am GMT

    The latest Autopilot feature makes me excited. It really is impressive how far technology has come.

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      John Usrey April 06 at 9:52 am GMT

      Groundbreaking, I’ll save the date.

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